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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 121: Sex and Virtue in a Degenerate World


In this episode, I talk about sex, virtue and striving to be a better man, in the context of my reading of Daniel Friberg’s The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition. I discuss why I’m not likely to marry a Filipina, the problems that multiracial children (specifically half-white/half-Asian children) have, and also talk a bit more about my Iowa caucus coverage.

Listen below:

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  • Felix

    I like this episode. I agree with your argument about multi-racial kids feeling out of place.
    Tribalism is innate.

  • Absolutists are worse than sinners; because they’re the worst sinners.

  • FlorianUlrich

    Thanks for this episode, Matt. I encountered a couple of occasions in the last days where conservatives or manosphere guys distanced themselves from the AltRight, because according to them, they are racist – to which I can only say: even IF that was the case, the AltRight is as much part of the conservative group as the conservative group is part of the AltRight. I was actually dumbfounded. We are supposed to stick together, discuss our differences and accept diverging opinions – not disavow specific subgroups just because we are – for whatever reason – embarrassed by them.

  • bucky

    about cultural differences, my wife is a brown-skinned central american woman with a thick accent when she speaks english. i’m a tall, blue-eyed guy with almost 100% scandanavian ancestry, but i’m also a right-wing reactionary. i honestly feel like i have far fewer cultural differences with her than i would with the vast majority of white women (with the possible exception of EE women). even the supposedly conservative white women i’ve been with have this feminist undercurrent in their thoughts that i find grating after a few months, whereas before my wife and i got married, her priest told her to remember that “when you go to america feminism is the work of the devil and is not a good basis for family life” and she’s cool with that.

  • skillet

    I feel like my son is well adapted. Happy to speak Japanese and English fluently.