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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 124: The Cuck of the Irish


In this episode (on time for once!), I discuss the latest developments in the presidential race and why Donald Trump was right to attack George W. Bush and threaten Ted Cruz. I also talk about the centennial of the Easter Rising and Irish politics (in the context of the Irish Sunday World libeling Mark Zolo, Roosh and me), the mainstreaming of pornography, and how Jennie Bharaj fleeced GamerGate with BasedGamer. Finally, I discuss the constantly shifting criteria by which feminists define rape, explain how Illinois voters can keep Obama from appointing a Marxist to the Supreme Court, and announce my new live weekly YouTube show.

Note that due to my microphone being plugged into a faulty USB port, there are a few technical errors in the podcast that I couldn’t get rid of.

Listen below:

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  • Listened to your podcast. You should really do more research on your topic. In relation to the Irish not wanting to pay for water it is a fact that water is paid for from general taxation, portions of motor tax and VAT. The problem most of the protestors had with paying for water was it was double taxation and the new water tax had been imposed by the EU and IMF.
    They are not all cucks in Ireland. There are some who are enjoying Trumps grandstanding and taking the GOP and Democrats to task. Also there was a tribe meeting set for Naas, outside of Dublin. It was because of this meeting that Roosh was brought to the attention of the msm in Ireland. There are a lot of feminists and libtards over there.
    The leaders in Ireland do leave a lot to be desired but they all take their lead from Europe (Germany). Very few question the relationship with the European elites.

  • Paddy

    For God’s sake Matt would you include a trigger warning next time you are going to include a pic of Joan “Slapped Arse” Burton? Its bad enough I have to see to her at home, never mind when I read your stuff as well…

  • FlorianUlrich

    Wait, that is her ‘arse’ we see in the photo? That explains it, I cant imagine anyone having a face like that. Now who is the poor guy that ‘slapped’ it?

  • FlorianUlrich

    Thanks Matt for reminding us of Blagojevich. I had completely forgotten about that Quimby-esque sleazeball. That guy was national news for 6+ months. And now just gone. It’s amazing how fast the news turns over.

  • Paddy

    Matt, I love your stuff, but seriously mate, your description of the Irish is flat out wrong and you really need to do more research. Firstly about water protests, nobodies looking for “free water”, rather we’re pissed off with a double taxation that’s been snuck under the radar by the Troika. Water has always been paid for as part of our general taxes, this has generally been accepted by everyone.

    Secondly to call Ireland a “third world country” is bullshit. I live there, and there’s nothing third world about our infrastructure or general standard of living which is better than the UK/Europe/USA in some regards and it’s equal in pretty much all others (it ain’t perfect, but overall it’s no different to anywhere else in the West, give or take)

    I’ve lived and been to legit 3rd countries (like Cambodia and the Phillipines, somewhere you’re familiar with) with sprawling slums, rampant poverty, limbless beggars, corruption and everything else you can expect from a 3rd country and Ireland doesn’t have anything like that, in fact it never really had.

    Is it perfect? Fuck no, we’re just as much of feminist/liberal hellhole as anywhere else in the Anglosphere. But a Third World country? Wut?

    I expected better from you man to be honest. This is the kind of lazy, ill researched crap I’d expect from a SJW.

    You seem to have this impression of Ireland based upon Far and Away/Darby O Gill which is completedly at odds with the Ireland I know. I suggest you take a trip there sometime and find out for yourself what the place is like.

    If you do, I’d be a happy to buy you a pint or two of the Black Stuff and show you round myself.

  • EHGombrich

    I´m German. I´ve never heard of the Irish being the “niggers of Europe”. The Continentals actually have a very romantic view of Ireland and the Irish.