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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 133: The Cancer That is Killing the Alternative Right

In this episode, I discuss how transsexuality, homosexuality, moral apathy and the other sins of the modern age are corrupting and destroying the alternative right. I also answer some questions related to my Internet infamy: how much hate mail I get, how many enemies I have, and whether I’ve faced real-world threats due to my writing and opinions.

Listen below:

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  • Doctor Mayhem

    You fucking nailed, Matt. Common Filth was right again. The subversion really has been ramping up lately, and since Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer have been becoming so buddy buddy with TRS, the “volcano demon” shit-talking on Christianity has also ramped up. At a crossroads, now… The “degenerates” of the Manosphere are doing more to denounce faggotry and to encourage Christianity than the so-called “Traditionalists” on the Alt-Right.

    Oh, but I gotta poke a little fun at this. You talk about moral apathy and degeneracy in the first segment… Only to advertise your book on how to get laid in the Philippines.


  • And you can tell Forney is the man to warn us about cancer…

    … Because he’s fucking bald.

  • Are you gonna troll him into writing right stuff articles again?

    (Obligatory Do you even lift, bro? comment here)

  • Misquel Kuno

    Alt Right is not a finished or competed thing yet. We don’t know what it is. It is in the process of coming into being. As of now, it’s a coalition of people opposed to Conservative Inc. That shared revulsion for ‘Cuckservatism’, Neoconism, and mindless Libertarianism brings different groups together.

    Eventually, Alt Right will need to be clearer and there will have to be competition for the True Vision and True Narrative.

    The decadence will have to go… but there should be some room for decadence because much of creativity requires decadence like yogurt and cheese need bacilli. Decadence is useful in loosening things up and creating spaces between the cracks. It is necessary for the artistic/cultural community of Alt Right.
    Still, morality should be at the core of Alt Right. And that means even straight men looking for ‘loose pu**y’ should be something to be disdained. Roosh is bad.

    Alt Right’s problem is it lacks financing. It’s too radioactive for big donors to give money too. And it lacks organization. Also, its appeal to white identity will put off a lot of whites because they’d been raised by PC to revile whiteness.

    Alt Right may have allies and partners who are rather questionable morally, but they should be not included in the Alt Right.

    Also, Alt Right needs to do something about the 14/88 virus. That stuff is truly foul and needs to go. In the long run, the 14/88 filth will be the true challenge to the Alt Right. They are pathological and psychotic in their Hitler worship.

  • GreekFleet

    Look man, I understand why you as a Russian do not like Adolf Hitler, but the fact is, Adolf Hitler is a worthy figure to study and admire. Simply because you have ill feelings about him, doesn’t mean everyone else has to have the same perception about the man.

  • GreekFleet

    Fundamentally, either the Alt Right adopts Fascism, denounces faggotry, denounces all forms of degeneracy, begin promoting Christian-influenced culture (not everyone believes in God but I’m sure they’d have no problem following Christian culture), etc, or it’s going to fail, period.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    Well, first off: The Alt Right is certainly dead. Not in the way Matt thinks. It’s dead in the sense of being an alternative. We are no longer the alternative. We ARE the Right.

    Roosh isn’t nearly as bad as he’s made out to be. Much better than the NEET plague. Also, see below.

    As for the 14/88ers aka, “The Alt Reich”. Tossing allies away and doing that Bill Buckley shit has only hurt the Right overall. National Review was the greatest plague to the Right. It turned the GOP from an actual right-wing party to a controlled opposition.

    When the Left denounces the LGBT lobby, rabid feminism, communist terrorism, and Black Lives Matter, then and ONLY THEN, should we even think of denouncing our little Nazis.

    Even then… We should keep them close. They can be useful.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    I think we do need to troll him into lifting again, though.

  • Misquel Kuno

    The Left rejects Stalin and Mao. And the Khmer Rouge.

  • Newsflash for certain segments of the “alt-right”: Being on the right, alt- or otherwise, means believing in rightist things, which doesn’t include abortion, open homosexuality, feminism, or any other degenerate, destructive shit.

    This is the problem with many WNs and ethnats – that deep down, they’re just liberals who don’t want to live around blacks or Mexicans, who they want to go away *so that* they can go back to an all-white liberalism which (they think) will work because the neediest and most disruptive parasites have been kicked out of the system. Ultimately, that’s incredibly naive – liberalism in any form, among any people, anywhere is corrosive to civilization, and must be ripped out root and branch lest, like some pernicious weed, it sprout out of the soil long after you were sure you had rid yourself of the last of it, and will choke the life out of your civilization until it withers and dies on the vine.

    Remember how, in basically every sequel in the “Alien” franchise, there’s some asshole who thinks he can keep the xenomorphs under control and use them for one or another purpose of his own? And do you remember how that always turns out? That’s pretty much what you’ve got with the kind of WN who thinks that a civilization can get along under more or less any system and tolerate people with more or less any crazy beliefs as long as everyone involved is white. Sorry, but that shit ain’t realistic. Nuke ’em from orbit or end up as lunch.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    Stalin, maybe. Mao? Not when Nancy Pelosi wants to quote him. But other left wing terrorists? They give tenured professor positions.

  • Also, how dare those devilish Jews use their trickery to try to talk the white man out of sex that involves feces and AIDS?

  • Edward Voeller

    Homosexuality shouldn’t be encouraged, but not everyone on the alt-right is a Christian. What basis do non-Christians have for condemning homosexuality? (I’m excluding Muslims and Orthodox Jews because there aren’t many – or any – on the alt-right.)

    Matt, this almost seems hypocritical to me. You have a very libertine attitude toward pre-martial sex, so you’re not coming at this issue from a religious angle. There is nothing inherently wrong with homosexual sex on a non-religious worldview. Just because practicing it increases the likelihood of picking up a venereal disease doesn’t make it wrong, any more than it is wrong to practice cunnilingus because it leads to throat cancer. It’s only wrong if the genitals have a reproductive purpose, revealed by God. What if medical science completely wiped out all STDs? What basis would you have for condemning homosexuality then?

    I want to agree with you, but your condemnation of homosexuality is empty.

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    14/88 is the Alt-Right. Nice try but your trick mirror is cracked and we can see your beard thru the crack.
    We already have the Big Tent, inviting both Christians and Pagans, believer and non-believers. And we have OUR OWN Left/Right spectrum. We are simply a new order based on the survival of the White Race. Homos don’t serve that and they must return to the closet and keep their vice private. No persecution. They can enjoy the new order too, as long as they keep things separate.

  • nick c

    Dude hit the gym…..