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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 135: In Weiner We Trust


In this episode, I discuss Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal and Pamela Anderson’s call for men to curb their porn addiction. I talk about how sexual indiscretion is linked to other sins (examples being Weiner and Bill Clinton), the negative effects of porn consumption, how porn helped fuel the rise of social justice warriors, and more.

Listen below:

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  • bucky

    Seems to me that one aspect of the pornography plague that never gets discussed is rampant female obesity. I imagine that a lot of guys get hooked into porn out of sheer longing to see a thin, attractive female body. I’ve known several guys who have never been with a thin woman because there just aren’t a lot of them to go around anymore. God forbid anyone suggest American women try losing weight, though.

  • The Bechtloff

    Matt, did you ever stop to think that maybe Anthony Weiner just really misses Harambe?