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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 137: The Alt-Right Gets Pozzed in the Neghole


In this episode of the show, I discuss The Gift, a documentary about “bug-chasers” (homosexual men who deliberately try to get HIV), and what it says about the way that gays think. I also touch on the recent controversy surrounding Christopher Cantwell and the alternative right’s infiltration by sexual deviants and socialists.

Listen below:

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  • TK

    “what it says about the way that gays think.”

    Sure, take an infinitesimal quotient of the gay population and extrapolate it to all gays.

    All white men lynch black people, too.

    Extremely lazy thinking.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    The issue with Chris Cantwell is because his girlfriend half Puerto Rican. Ramz had said that White Nationalism has become a bit of a cult. I hate to agree. Who or what he dates is his business. However, he probably shouldn’t have made it public.

    That said… Cantwell shitting on allies is hardly a smart move, either. I also agree with the socialism aspect. White Socialism doesn’t really work. It only works better than when brown people do it.

    That said, I still feel the need to defend them. I had made an offer to debate you or Aurini with Bechtloff moderating. Kinda like what happened with that Beardly Fuckface guy. Offer still stands, and you know I’ll treat you honest and in good faith.