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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 138: Anal Right Dutch Oven

The Matt Forney Show is back!

With my main podcast This Alt-Right Life on indefinite hiatus, I’m bringing back The Matt Forney Show in its original format, combining my views on the news of the day along with interviews with important figures from this part of the Internet and beyond. The show will also be available on YouTube for the first time.

On this episode, I give my thoughts on the Dutch election, discuss the significance of March 15th in Hungarian history, talk about how media propaganda has warped heterosexuals’ sexual desires, explain how you skip the waitlist and join Gab immediately, and more.

Additionally, each episode of The Matt Forney Show will feature a Q&A segment, where I will answer your questions and comments. Please leave your questions and/or comments on this post, on SoundCloud, or on YouTube and I will answer them on next week’s episode.

Finally, I’m launching a new, subscription-only podcast called Matt Forney After Hours. This show will feature hard-hitting interviews and discussions of topics I can’t talk about on a free podcast. Each episode will be published alongside new episodes of The Matt Forney Show and can be purchased for only $0.99 via my blog or Alternately, if you pledge $5 per month or more on Patreon, you’ll receive all episodes of Matt Forney After Hours as they are published.

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