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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 143: My Seventh Wife’s Son

On this episode of The Matt Forney Show, I discuss Jesse Dunstan’s (aka Seventh Son of The Right Stuff) week-long meltdown and his “challenge” to fight me in real life. I talk about why The Right Stuff continues to obsess over people like Common Filth and me (because we’re right about them), how TRS’ collapsing traffic is forcing them to engage in more extreme stunts to get attention, and why moral degenerates and sexual deviants are always seeking validation from people who hate them. I also discuss why “horseshoe theory” is wrong, explain why fighting Islam by attacking their record on gay rights will always fail, answer a reader question on life in Ukraine, and more.

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  • John Steele

    One your best so far.

  • Michael

    four years ago one of the women at the original TRS ran off and slept with a guy they didn’t like? Do you mean Aurini?

  • Bob Ditkuss

    A good podcast, but the insider baseball between the alt right and you is a bit involved and over detailed. I think it’s challenging for new readers. You did weave in some good commentary in between which is why I kept listening, but in general you shine most when you stick to loftier topics and not the ugly politics of personalities almost nobody has ever heard about.

    In general, could not agree more with not being a hypocrite. I do not say this lightly, but we would have NONE of these problems if white people actually had a growing population, and they actually went to traditional church and were faithful.

  • BunnyMags

    Good to hear the other side of the story. Long time listener of TRS and heard the AmRen show where they said the guy they were mad at had slept with “some guy’s wife.” They’re not sounding very credible now. And it takes a special kind of loser to get on a podcast and anonymously mock another guy for being obese and beta while Enoch himself was obese and married to an older woman who was fat and wouldn’t stop hanging around AIDS-magnets even though her husband was supposed to be some right-wing internet hate machine. “Honey, can you pleeeaase not go to the drag show again tonight?”

    One correction is that there’s no evidence Ghoul did anything with the tranny other than the tranny itself saying he flirted with it. Trannies are notoriously mentally ill and self-flattering. Anything nicer than being told to “fuck off and die” counts as romantic infatuation in their minds. He still does have two mommies though.