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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 144: Natural Aristocrat Nationalism

On this episode of The Matt Forney Show, I discuss the “My Sex Junk” rap performance by Rachel Bloom and Bill Nye and how the scientific regression of the West and its moral regression are linked. I talk about how nationalism is succumbing to homosexual and leftist infiltration, as shown by the recent election of a lesbian as the head of Germany’s nationalist AfD party and the sodomite subversion tactics of Counter-Currents’ Grindr Greg Johnson. I also discuss the future of my blog and podcast now that I’ve gotten a well-paying day job.

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Matt Forney After Hours Episode 8 is available now! This episode is titled The Sadistic Mirror. In it, I talk about Jonathan Bowden’s Sade in the context of the DaddyOFive controversy, the pathologies of modern women, the Marquis de Sade and the Enlightenment. Length: 51:12.

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  • Peter

    I´m a racist, I want the White Race to persist. Homo-question appears to be an extremely distant issue.
    Those who are riled up about homo butt sex, are they also riled up about hetero butt sex? Isn´t that generally considered the jackpot of hetero sex?
    Licking practises where poop comes out: how is it different from where pee comes out?

    The alt-right is dead, or should be dead if it´s not strictly anti-homo? See above, I want the White Race to persist, and the alt-right is presently the only force towards that.
    As long as you haven´t built something that effects that, your call to end the alt-right is damaging to the White Race.

  • Michael

    You’re a degenerate and a sodomite apologist. Homos do not perpetuate the race; they also abuse children and spread disease. I am fortunate to know several IRL in the Alt-Right who also feel the same as I do. You are the cancer that is killing the Alt-Right. GTFO.

  • Peter

    … the well-known and regrettable “stupidity”-problem of the right…