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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 41: Tranny Tricks


In this edition of the show, I ask the most important question of all: would you rather have sex with a gay man or a trans woman? I also discuss anti-aging remedies and Chris Gethard’s awful advice for men as well as answer some hate mail.

Listen below:

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  • William Rome

    I’d rather go with option 3: go home and jerk off to porn….both are so fucking gross.

  • Ace Ventura

    In order of preference: (1 = first choice, etc.)
    1. Hot Chick
    2. Normal Chick
    3. Slightly Chubby Chick
    4. Nothing
    5. Land Whale Chick
    6. Commit Suicide
    7. Post-op (passable)
    8. Post-op (lose lunch, drink half bottle of vodka first – kind)
    9. Pre-op / Dude (there is no difference to me)

  • Ace Ventura

    Chris Gethard needs start vacationing in western Iraq.

  • Jonnie

    Matt why are you so hung up on trans women? Gender is determined by brain, not gonads or chromosomes, take androgen insensitivity syndrome as an example, XY chromosome, born outwardly female. The overarching point being that gender and sex aren’t as black and white as most people think and you’re really beating up on us… It’s not appreciated and most importantly it’s not going to change who I am, and it’s not going to change the fact that trans women exist in every culture and every country… We exist, always have and will continue to. Diversity is a fact of life… not everyone fits into neat little rigidly defined boxes.