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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 42: Search Terms Special — “My Boyfriend Wants Me to Crush Him with My Butt”


In this Independence Day edition of the podcast, I discuss how millennials can learn how to accept criticism and not be whiny, defensive brats, the covert racism of Portland and other leftist cities, and read aloud search terms I got in June. I also solicit questions for my upcoming one year anniversary Q&A podcast, announce the relaunch of my YouTube channel, and more.

Listen below:

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Bumper music “Ouroboros” and “Cephalopod” by Kevin MacLeod of Announcements by Davis Aurini.

Remember, I want your questions for the upcoming Q&A episode! Submit them by commenting on this post, sending me an email (use subject line “Podcast Q&A”), or contacting me on Twitter.

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