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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 43: Drowning in Your Own Piss


In this edition of the podcast, I discuss con artist Stefan Pylarinos and how to really make money online, the failed Tumblr social justice warrior raid on 4chan (and the hilarious counter-raid), invite you to give me your questions for my upcoming Q&A episode, and more.

Listen below:

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Bumper music “Hustle” and “Bass Walker” by Kevin MacLeod of Announcements by Davis Aurini.

Remember, I want your questions for the upcoming Q&A episode! Submit them by commenting on this post, sending me an email (use subject line “Podcast Q&A”), or contacting me on Twitter.

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  • Logan Smith

    When did “fag” become a bad word, seriously?

    When I have grandchildren, I fear the F-word is going to be “fag” and not “fuck”. “Fuck” will probably be no worse than “heck” by then, I bet.

    Me 50 years from now: “What’s with all these gah dang fags around here, boy?”

    12 year old grandson: “Fucking Hell, grandpa, you can’t say the F-word anymore. You have to say transqueerhomo xer, I mean shit it’s 2064.”

    good podcast, btw.