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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 44: The Rise and Fall of Video Games


In this episode, I talk to the Bechtloff about the dumbing down of video games, radical feminism, the social justice warrior infiltration of geek culture, the slow death of the video game industry, and so much more.

Listen below:

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  • William Rome

    Geek girls are a plague. I saw one this afternoon bitching on FB at the announcement that it’s going to be all male writer’s and directors for season 5: “More rape and women undressing for men to judge them!” God go watch the Kardashians cunt and leave shit alone.

  • William Rome

    Season 5 of Game of Thrones*

  • William Rome

    Just read your article. Good stuff. But I would say its like the Confederacy after Gettysburg: heroically fighting a lost cause. “Geek girls are ok just don’t act feminist!” is the geeks Gettysburg.As soon as women are accepted in all is lost. Look at the workplace, the military, and now geek culture: as soon as women are allowed into a previously male environment that environment looses its original purpose and become all about the physical and emotional protection of women.

    I personally blame “The Big Bang Theory” since it made geek culture mainstream and being a geek acceptable. Especially having a hot blonde interact with them.

  • the reason Capcoms so fucked is because all of their talent left for Platinum

  • Retrenched

    Non-feminists enjoying forms of entertainment that feminists don’t approve of? OMG NO PLEASE MAKE IT STOP