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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 49: Sailing to Poosy Paradise


In this edition of the show, I talk to Roosh about his new book Poosy Paradise, the future of dating in America, social media and Internet addiction, the meltdown of feminism and the rise of the “red pill,” masculine self-fulfillment and a hell of a lot more.

Listen below:

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  • Dark Age Fire

    Good show. I ready Poosy Paradise. It was an easy read. I came away thinking that the key to Roosh’s success is that he has INCREDIBLE patience and persistence and has learned to communicate like a girl. He is able to maintain trivial conversations about meaningless shit long enough to steer the girls into his apt where he pounces for the lay.

    Roosh is getting to the point where fucking girls doesn’t ring his bell like it did before. The hot medical student for instance, who is crazy about him. Roosh used this example to show that he can walk away from a girl who seemingly has it all and feel no loss. Take it from me, if you intend to have children one day, there WILL be girls that you let go, that you may regret the rest of your life. Especially if you push yourself past your expiration date before you lock down a good wife and mother. The best women are NOT going to want to start a family with the average 40 or 45 year old man. From my experience, a man’s sweet spot for locking down the best woman is age 30-34. You have achieved some maturity and success hopefully and you can still date women in their early 20’s and lock one down before she is 25 and had too many cocks (or any at all).

    Roosh is going to continue feeling less tingles from his current lifestyle. He is approaching his expiration date for being a father. We are here to reproduce, its that simple. Its why we are all here, because our ancestors did their number one job. He talks about having achieved everything and is not challenged or inspired. Having your own children fixes that problem. You will never wake up with that “why am I here” question ever again.

    Captain Capitalism is a big talking swaggering coward. Mention race on his blog and he shits his drawers and throws you in the oven. He deep throats that big Equality dick with a passion. He’s not going to let the truth jeopardize making money off the decline. Its always interesting to see how “public” figures react to questions and issues around race. I think Roosh is pretty straightforward and realistic about race. He’s not going to push the buttons of the anti-white establishment too much, but he links to Heartiste who is now actively defending white people and acknowledges the racial differences that EVERYONE knows are true. Cappy Capitalism, on the other hand, becomes turbo-charged hostile to anyone who says anything remotely truthful about racial differences and the existential threat whites are facing from the liberal diversity/immigration/assimilation juggernaut in place across the West. He is obviously scared to death of being called a racist and will throw anyone under the bus to keep that from happening. I lost all respect for the guy long ago. At this stage you are either pro-white or you are pro-white genocide.