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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 52: Lindy West Jezebel Firing Celebration Party


In this schadenfreude-heavy episode, I gloat over Lindy West’s recent firing from Jezebeldiscuss anti-communist snitch Harvey Matusow and the pathetic lives of him and his ilk, and attack the ridiculous, psychotic arguments from the left about how the nude celebrity hacking scandal was “sexual assault.” I also respond to Eve Penman’s comments on Seattle’s $15 per hour minimum wage and answer a reader’s question about my use of the word “bathetic” to describe Roosh’s book Poosy Paradise.

Listen below:

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  • Danger & Play Blog

    Proof of how fungible they are. My comment is the top-rated comment to this article. Anyone could write what they write using a feminist version of Mad Libs.

  • Got a good laugh out of that Mike, I think you touched a nerve on the growing rift between black and white feminists, black feminists are getting sick of being spoken for by the most privileged people on the planet, upper middle class white girls. You could see it in all the heat thrown back and forth over that anti street harassment.

    For huffpost, jezebel, gawker et. all its just business. Hire “controversial” writer, use them to let spew hatred/linkbait for a few years, take massive abuse on the internet then breakdown/burnout and get fired, replace with a younger model, wash, rinse, repeat. Cultural marxism is our religion so that’s where the money is, you can see almost all major sites veer hard to the left, but the ideology doesn’t matter to the Nick Denton’s of the world, its purely about the cash.

  • vanessa ray

    Are you going to discuss GQ’s hiring of Lindy West?

  • Already did:

    Lindy West has no soul and no moral compass. She will gladly sell out her “current” fans and change her stances on issues to fit in better at GQ. She’s going to be an MRA in five years.