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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 55: The Complete Man


In this episode of the show, I talk to Quintus Curtius about his new book Thirty Seven, how to survive as a rebel in a hostile, leftist society, learning foreign languages, classic literature (and why so much of it is garbage), the dimensions of masculinity and much more.

Listen below:

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  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Nice. I hadn’t heard of this chap, but he had some very sound things to say. Good to see another Manospherian who’s older than I am.

    I read a lot of the classics at school and university. For a good intro, you might want to start with the reading lists at St. John’s College:

    You could also pick up copies of the ‘Great Books of the Western World’ collection from Encyclopædia Britannica:

    Some of the attraction of the ‘Great Books of the Western World’ compilation is due to the absence of female and non-white thinkers, partly a result of it being published before the era of political correctness. Happily, it’s 100% European Men, as any collection of ‘Great Books’ should be.

  • citizen49a

    An interesting interview. I’d note the following –

    Learning to read and understand classical literature and philosophy turns out to have more value than one anticipates. In addition to giving one a sense of history and the thought of past (invaluable in itself in this age of academia as an institution of indoctrination) it teaches one to think carefully, precisely, and analytically.

    These skills turn out to transfer well to other realms. They augment and enhance your ability to do physical sciences, mathematics, programming; anything that requires concentrated and continuous rational effort, because reading and thinking in this manner underpins these disciplines. In fact, science as we understand it today evolved out of the work of the guys who wrote the classics.

    On the subject of learning languages –

    I learned to read, write, and speak basic Thai and intermediate level Spanish on my own.

    As with any complex discipline that one tackles, you have to put in the work to learn the basics. Once that’s done the rest begins to “flow” from the knowledge basis that you’ve acquired.

    Learning a few dialogs is great when you’re getting started, but as soon as you can you need to switch over to practicing what you want to learn. You want to learn to speak; you have to find someone to speak with. It’s going to cost you a few bucks to get someone competent to instruct you, but in the age of Skype you can easily find someone qualified and willing to do this.

    And it works. Not as well as going to the country in question and sitting down with someone for 4 hours a day, but if you can’t spare the time to do that it’s the next best thing.

    Oh, and reading and writing? The more distant the language from English, the more you’re gonna be happy you can use a dictionary to look up words. And being able to read, even at a very basic level, really makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere. Because you are.

  • I’ve checked out the article on Ed Brayton. These kind of articles are apparently becoming more and more common. I’d say there are two things going on here.

    Feminist are traditionally used to having the Christian Right as their main enemy, but that group has already capitulated to feminism almost completely so they no longer serve as useful bogeymen. So now feminist culture warriors are trying everything they can to get their symphatizers riled up against a new and slightly different enemy, the mythical PUA-MRA online alliance of brutal misogyny.

    Another thing is that said culture warriors apparently believe that final victory in the culture war is at their grasp. They think the last remaining bastions of resistance are to be destroyed. That’s why they are becoming increasingly aggresive and doctrinaire. They want to generate more controversy, more tension. They are deliberately taunting and provoking anyone who disagrees with them to any extent, and they do it to turn them into enemies they can rail against.

  • Seth Rose

    That was a exceptional. I’m a first time listener, but am looking forward to future podcasts.