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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 56: Social Justice Warriors, Come Out to Play!


In this edition of the show, I talk to filmmakers Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini, creators of the documentary The Sarkeesian Effect. (Full disclosure: I am a contributor to The Sarkeesian Effect’s Patreon.) We discuss the unique approach Owen and Aurini are taking with their film, the socioeconomic origins of social justice warriors (and why “social justice” is corrosive to real justice), the ongoing Gamergate campaign, take a huge, steaming shit on MovieBob Chipman, and so much more.

Listen below:

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Bumper music “Ouroboros” and “Cephalopod” by Kevin MacLeod of Announcements by Davis Aurini.

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  • autumn kowalske

    Hey my name is autumn kowalske i recently came across your article about woman with tattoos and piercings calling us sluts, mentally ill and selfish and those were only the few names. I have 9 tattoos myself… yet, i give my all to others and definitely am not a slut nor selfish. I have a TON of people on my Facebook who are overely pissed about this article….I THINK THAT YOU ARE DISCRIMINATING against those of us who have tattoots and or piercings. You were completely wrong and i ask that you take that down.
    Autumn kowalske

  • Henry Berry

    That story was pretty cool.

  • Garrett Patterson

    I ask that you take your tattoos down. Quit trampling on the First Amendment.
    Not that you have a clue what I’m Talking about or nothin’

  • Titan000

    You have improved the sound and your voice substantially congratulations.

  • Kyle Bull

    How many tattoos did you have again?