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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 59: The Little Whore That Wasn’t

In this edition of the show, I discuss Duke porn star Miriam Weeks/Belle Knox’s life of quiet desperation (and remind you all that I was right about her), rip into the ridiculous allegations against ex-CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi, and read aloud the best hate mail I got in the past month. I also announce the end of my Patreon campaign (and return of the tip jar), dish more details about tomorrow’s meetup in New York City, and answer reader questions on getting a job in the Philippines and female nymphomania.

Listen below:

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  • Dokter Mayhem

    I gotta laugh at all these mentally deranged whores and white knight manginas that waste their time writing hate mail to Matt, all while screaming, “I’m not a whore! I’m not a whore!” or “My tatted girl is not a whore! She’s wonderful and I am totally not a cuckold raising some other man’s child!”

    I said it once on RoK, I’ll say it again here, and I’ll repeat it until the day I die: Good women, stable women, women who aren’t mentally ill whores do not waste their time listening or reading something from a guy who pisses them off, then waste their time to write hate mail to said guy while screaming about how everything he said is untrue.

    Shakespeare said it best. “She doth protest too much.”

  • Dokter Mayhem

    God, I hate how these pinkshirts quote the Bible…

  • spidaman3

    I like how she stood up to patriarchy by being bullied by strange men on camera. You could see the fear in her eyes during Facial Abuse. I know they had to retake a few scenes like 20 times from her crying so much.

    Feminists would probably say she was raped since even though she explicitly said yes.

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  • Hey Mat! :) I wanna say “FUCK YOU” for reading hate mail, simply fuck you, you have a job to do and instead you waste your time reading hate mail, let the haters hate I just really cannot stand haters, your blog has some really good and interesting stuff as well, something that can make some very disgusting people “think” about their own shitty miserable lives, and yet you let them defile your podcasts like this, yeah again FUCK YOU.

  • cynical realist 7356

    But they’re so entertaining! ;-)

  • LOL!! :D I agree but no man I don’t want to hear/read someone’s hate mail, doesn’t make any sense that when someone is doing a good job of touching subjects that everyone else is afraid to, and they go off on a tangent like that, it ain’t fun to deal with 30 minutes of ridiculous, pigheaded, narcissistic hate mail rant…