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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 61: A Dunham Family Christmas


In this episode, the Two-and-a-Half-Hour Podcast from Hell, I get drunk with the Bechtloff and William Rome in a hotel room. We discuss everything from KingofPol’s recent GamerGate meltdown, the death of arcades and social gaming, how porn reflects the sickness of modern society, the degeneracy of Lena Dunham, why patriarchy exists for the benefit of women, and a whole lot more.

Listen below:

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  • spidaman3

    I kind of felt bad for Belle Knox too, but you know what if she left she would’ve actually benefited. I would have had much more respect for her if she quit, instead she decided to lie to herself and get attention. Aurora Snow was awful too; I missed out on this “articulate” person and saw a teenager trapped in an 33 year old body (more like 77). She’s way in over her head with this parenting stuff. She doesn’t seem to understand or care that her son is doomed because of her choices. Imagine little Jimmy asking her son if she can come to his brother: Brandon’s sweet 16 so he can lose his virginity (he will probably ask if one of her coworkers can join so he can have a threesome). His friends will question whether his beta father is his real dad. She took only god knows what in her mouth and he has no choice but to be kissed by it. Most kids are disgusted by their parents’ nakedness and the thought of them having sex, Aurora Snow’s son is guaranteed to be blindsided by all of that; especially since her real name is public! Her, Lena Dunham, and Belle Knox are why I pity the suburban woman. These women just lack so much wisdom. I don’t think they have truly been made to suffer for their actions or at least give them serious thought. Only thought I can see them give is “will this get me attention?” God I can’t believe these women actually exist!

  • Guest

    God my punctuation was horrible, why doesn’t disqus have an edit button?

  • Vespasian

    The sjws will probably win because they control the language (right now). The same thing happened with the word ‘racism’, where any comment even hinting at someone’s ethnicity falls into that category. So same with ‘sexism’. Anything that even hints at a character’s sex– is sexist (if they decide).

    That’s why ‘Betchloffs’ arguements are pointless. There are no degrees of ‘sexism’ that a logical person can decide–it’s up to them.

  • Yudi

    Button’s Arcade on Adler! I remember that place as I also had the misfortune of growing up that shithole city(I’ve long since left). Back in early 2000s though they had some good raves at that place. Last time I was in town I went to Carousel Center and Namco Arcade is long gone. It’s now a corner store run by some Indian guy. That city just gets shittier and shittier every year.