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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 62: Really Stupid Dorks


In this edition of the show, I discuss the rise and fall of Owen Cook, Julian Blanc and Real Social Dynamics as well as talk about the lives of quiet desperation led by SJWs such as Jenn Li and Leslie Feinberg. I also talk about how to win at roulette, explain the real reason why modern men are interested in MILFs and older women, and much more.

Listen below:

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  • Hell_Biker

    RSD is a scam from start to finish, preying on vulnerable men in order to enrich their own pockets.

    There’s precious few “gurus” out there who actually have some game, and even fewer of them who teach the real truth.

    Hint: anyone who teaches “game” that consists of randomly approaching every other female in sight and using their “awesome opener” is probably full of shit.

  • Dokter Mayhem

    While I agree in part with your analysis as to why men want sex from older women, you’re kind of overcomplicating it. Your analysis is only part of a greater whole.

    As a man who often went MILF and cougar hunting, I can tell you that the plain and simple damn truth is this: When a man seeks sex from older women, he is simply tired of the constant bullshit that younger women deal out. The fucking games, the drama, all of it. Older women tend to just… as you said, enjoy the act of sex for the sake of it. Less dysfunction and drama. Older girls just know how to shut their brains off and enjoy it, as you said, but the reason why men seek the MILFs and cougars likely has more to do with simply being tired of the sheer amounts of bullshit that millenial girls keep tossing out. Especially early millenial girls around our ages (I’m 29).