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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 68: God is Dead, Long Live God


In this episode, I talk to author and Return of Kings contributor Blair Naso. We discuss everything from his book The Death of Ideology, Christianity and religiosity in modern America, why going to law school is a bad idea, the nature of poetry, why most men don’t deserve a good woman, and much more.

Listen below:

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  • Henry Berry

    Since he mentioned ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ a merciless review of that snowflake film has been much needed from our writers.

  • AM

    Movie: resounding “meh”.

    Original book: beautiful opus that defined our generation.

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    Funny how he thinks Pope Francis is only saying pro-leftist stuff. Francis says stuff everyday that is downright politically incorrect. He reiterates the need for faith, harps on how modern bishops are chopping up the faith to compromise with the world, (which shows how he hates the gospel of socialism in the modern leftist circles) says that gays are dangerous for the family, and even outright said that seeking to have Christ without the Church is an impossibility. (Hello, Evangelicals) Yet you morons still listen only to the stuff the leftists want you to hear. Hell, he recently compared the spreading of the gay agenda to the world as cultural Nazism, and nobody heard that at all. Watch Churchmilitant.TV’s videos on Pope Francis, and it shows just how much he is homophobic as he is an anti-abortion, pro-Faith leader who wants people to shake off the modernist trappings of the world and return to Christ. It’s just not reported whenever he says stuff like that. No, you people prefer the snippets the leftist media takes without the context and then condemn the man for supposedly supporting the left, whereareas you ignore many of his anti-left statements.

    And I find it funny that Blair gets pissed off that the Church is supporting the Illegal Immigrants. They’re Catholics, Blair. It’s what we do. During the Civil War, James Gibbons, a cleric in the Northern ranks, gave last rites to a Confederate soldier who was dying because he was Catholic. The Northern officer condemned him for doing that, but Gibbons reiterated that all Catholics are welcome to be served by the priesthood, even if they serve a rival army. You political animals see border-jumpers pestering the States, but what the Church sees are Catholic refugees from drug lords and gangsters running away from a drug war that America hasn’t lifted a finger to solve, but America helped carry forward and ignite. (Thanks to Fast and Furious sending weapons to gangsters.) NAFTA also was a problem, since many small farmers in Mexico couldn’t compete with the low prices farms in the rest of North America provided, so guess where they wound up; yep, crossing the border! And with economic production down, many politicians turn to drug lords for the money, causing even more people to run as drug lords gain more power. You people bitch at the Mexicans for crossing illegally, yet don’t even lift a finger or spend one iota of brain power to look at what caused it. (NAFTA and Fast and Furious)

    I find it supremely ironic that you people now complain about a Pope that is more left of the political spectrum, whereareas you whiny idiots did nothing to defend Benedict XVI when he was trying to drive the Church more to the right. He quit because of the relentless campaign by the media to smear him for the clerical sex abuse crisis that he wasn’t even partially responsible for. Those on the left smeared him for being a right-wing bigot, and those on the right shat in his face because either he was too far-right, or, in the case of the Tradcons, he wasn’t far-right enough. Since the Pope found himself in limbo for trying to be right-wing, is there any question now why the cardinals picked a guy who was on the left of the political spectrum? And Francis isn’t even that far left; he just says stuff that sometimes sympathizes with them, but you people make it out to be his whole gospel. It’s like when Cappy Cap says as to why he will never run for politics. The liberals will shit on him, as usual, while the right-wingers and libertarians will always find a reason to whine, shit, complain, and moan, just because he either is too right wing or not right wing enough.

    Give me a fucking break. This is why the Manosphere is looking less and less the bastion of reason and looking more and more like a club for hipsters and posers who resist feminism to stick it to the proverbial “man.” You people always find a way to complain, instead of trying to help. There is still a conservative and traditional Church if one looks for it or asks for it. The Churchmen, like any other service, will react to incentives. They elected Benedict XVI because people complained John Paul II was too tolerant and lenient. They elected Francis I because people complained that Benedict XVI was too right-wing. They’re capable of reading the writing on the wall and adapting to meet the demand. But instead of trying to come to terms with them and postulating a solution, you people just sit here and complain. They’re too right-wing for hating abortion and contraception. They’re too left-wing for supporting charity and illegal aliens. If there’s no pleasing you people, then nobody big will support you. All you want is a Church that while on the outlook would support masculinity, would still turn a blind eye to you idiots fucking your way through a schoolbus of girls. That’s just as fake as the liberal Catholics who dance in front of the altar: hell, at least they have Biblical precedent, because even King David did that in front of the Ark of the Covenant.

  • Abba Okoro

    I never knew charaties where a liberal thing also people oppose illegal immigration because of protectionism. Europe tried open borders and look what happened to them


    Nope. The immigrants in Europe all have visas, enclaves, and all went there legally, because the white population is dying off and they needed cheap workers. But unlike our border-jumpers, who try to assimilate, the Radical Muslim migrants don’t want to, and even try to replace the native culture with theirs, raping and killing people without mercy or regret.

  • Abba Okoro

    I never said that, immigration is ruining Europe and turning it into a welfare politically correct islamic state.

    Also yes when Latinos(except for Cubans) come here they vote Democrat since they come from a very progressive culture


    Except Catholicism is still a conservative family culture. Many older Latinos amongst the immigrants won’t like it when their kids come back transgendered. They’d beat the crap out of them and tell them to be traditional. I’ve even been to Latino homes where they don’t have a TV in the living room despite having two in the bedrooms, because they thought that dining while watching TV is a disgrace. They have Catholic icons all over and are very traditional in family affairs. They vote progressive on economics and because the Democrats help them, but inside, they’re very strict to the point where they see Protestants as liberal hippies whose presence they can’t and won’t tolerate.

  • Abba Okoro

    No it’s not, it’s very core it’s collectivist.
    Almost all the Catholics I know are liberal too to add to that.

    You’re referring to the elderly ones.


    I don’t think a culture that had tolerated nobles and rich people for so long, especially in controlling Church affairs, would be collectivist. A collectivist institution would take in the money and property unto itself. The Catholic Church today doesn’t even go that far; they just ask for donations. The Protestant Churches are closer to collectivism, because they shame you for not putting money in the basket and even tell you your soul is at risk if you don’t donate.

    And no, they aren’t just the old ones. The ones I saw were no older than my parents, and they bring up their kids on strict family values. The father of the household on one of them barely looks older than I do.

  • Abba Okoro

    It’s organized religion, by definition it’s collectivist.
    I mean it’s not a coincidence that places with high number of Catholics are very liberal.

    Also the Catholic church use to be part of Governments in Europe
    (It was also a branch of the Roman empire if I might say)

    Also it’s not Christianity if your forced to do anything or threaten hell for not doing something.


    No, all branches of Christianity did that. Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox all exhorted their followers to obey their commandments or meet hellfire upon death.

    Catholic places are liberal thanks to the liberalization of the Catholic Church, which happened because most other churches in the world were also liberalizing. And the Orthodox are no exception to this, as the homelands of orthodoxy, Greece, has fallen into socialism, as had almost every European country. In fact, the strongest enemies of the socialists are traditionalists in the Catholic countries whom the socialists attack. Pinochet in Chile, Salazar in Portugal, and Franco in Spain all shot communists in the face while American Protestants tolerated communists amongst them in the US.

    The Roman Catholic Church was as much a government Church for the Western Roman Empire as the Orthodox Church was for Byzantium and Russia. And the Church actually had balls to resist and compete with the monarchs of Europe for power; both Orthodox and Protestant Churchmen just bent over for their secular overlords to dominate them.

    And no, it’s not collectivist. Because a collectivist sect would threaten excommunication or legal action against disciples who don’t donate. I haven’t donated a dime to my Church, and they let me come in and participate anyways. If Catholicism is collectivist, so is Orthodoxy and Protestantism. The former calls out to the state for support, and the latter threatens to expel non-donating members.

  • Abba Okoro

    Then it’s not Christianity.

    No it’s been liberal since the 1800’s, but yes Both Orthodox and Cathlics are liberal.

    You contradicted yourself, you just explained collectivism turned around and said it wasn’t.
    But you confuse legalism(a form of collectivism) to collectivism in general. Both have the same root ideology.

    Protestantism actually advocate against for Government support, which is why America was formed.


    It is. The only difference is that Catholicism is voluntary collectivism. Protestantism damns you to hell for not donating to the Church, at least in Evangelical circles. THAT is collectivism. I can make use of Catholic services and of their daily and weekly masses, and aside from paying for baptism, confirmation, and first communion, I don’t have to pay them a dime after that. Everything after that is me donating what I feel like, when I feel like.

    Yeah, no. Protestants from the Anglicans and Lutherans to the Puritan Founders were all pro-state and used the state to punish non-believers like the Spanish did. The Catholic Austrians and French, on the other side, allowed Protestants to coexist with their Catholic populations, with Richelieu in France even sparing the Protestants after he destroyed their fortresses and armies, and the Hapsburgs tolerating the Protestants in Hungary and in their other territories. When Louis XIV expelled all the Huguenots from France, even the Pope protested the decision.

  • Abba Okoro

    Again that’s not Christianity, that’s exploitation.

    But as you agreed the Catholicism is collective.

    Adding more wrongs doesn’t make it right, you point to these other atrocities as if it makes it anymore rights for the Catholics to do something similar.


    No, it is Christianity. Early Christianity, for example, was very much collectivist and almost even socialist to an extent. And even when the bishops and cardinals were corrupt, they still flung money to the poor and the weak and gave them protections and charity, as well as employment. They still had that sense of community, whilst the Anglicans and the American Protestants treated their low born workers like total shit. The same went for the Northern Germans until Bismarck rolled around.

    Catholicism is a voluntary collective. If you can give, that’s good, but if you can’t, or of you don’t want to, that’s fine.

    And yet it was the Protestants who fired first. Their attacks on Catholicism caused this massive strife, despite the Church providing jobs and charity for the poor. They were just angry that the Church was wealthy. And by “they”, I meant the German and Scandinavian, as well as the British upper classes who looked at the Church’s wealth with envy, but didn’t give a rat’s ass for the lower classes. The Church took care of the lower classes while giving gifted men and women the space and resources to shine. The Protestant Churches have neither; they sold out the Word of God to the State in exchange for their support.

  • Abba Okoro

    No it wasn’t, it was very decentralized and open before Rome nationalized it. (Creating the Catholic and Orthodox Church).

    But you just agreed, Catholicism IS collectivization.

    The reformed happen due to the corruption that resulted from state religion

  • BlairNaso

    There hasn’t been a right wing pope since maybe John XXIII at the very latest. But Catholicism is a dead religion. It is at its twilight, and no right or left wing pope can stop the implosion.

    Also, tl;dr. Get a life. Quit arguing religion over the internet with strangers.


    Yes, it was centralized. Even in the Bible it was, with Jesus appointing Peter as His first among the apostles. And the original Churches were collectivists. Sharing resources in common and with rich donors helping out voluntarily.

    The Reformation made it easier for the State to control religion. It had the opposite effect. Instead of the religion being a state as personified by the Vatican, the state controlled the religion as it did in Anglicanism and Lutheranism, as well as Calvinism.


    John the 23rd? Are you fucking kidding? He kicked off Vatican II. If anything, he’s responsible for the explosion of streamlining that Benedict XVI was trying to reverse!

    And are you kidding? Catholics weathered far more corrupt Popes than the modern crop. They weathered far more liberal times where Popes freely butchered enemies and mated with prostitutes. A little leftism isn’t gonna remove them. If being thoroughly corrupt as to have priests and popes mate with prostitutes and engage in poisonous politics where they bump each other off didn’t kill the Catholic Church back then, then a little Leftism isn’t gonna kill it now. In fact, American Puritanism keeps the Church from supporting Prostitution and the modern temperament against violence is preventing them from killing each other for control. If anything, they’re more tame than the Middle Ages Church. In the modern day, when they disagree with the Pope, the outside world calls him a man stuck in the past. In the actual past, when the world didn’t agree with the Pope, they killed or expelled him and put their own guy in charge, and that guy could be anyone from a simple layman to a corrupt SOB who assassinates people and has hooker parties in the Lateran Cathedral.

    And no, it’s far from a dead religion. I go to my parish and I see priests getting their parishioners ready for Christ. Talking about how sin is bad and how they should prepare for Christ by being sinless and open to God. And yes, they shit on women just as much as they shit on men. Maybe in your little college churches they have liberal priests, but the ones I see are all upright and modest. So no, we’ve dealt with worse things before, and a scrub like you calling us dead while our problems don’t even come near the problems we’ve dealt with in the past is just laughable. Oh ye of little faith. We came back from corrupt popes, we came back from corrupt Churchmen, we rebounded no matter what was thrown at us. And we will have our day once more.

    You tell people to knock it off and stop arguing on the Internet, yet here you are on a thread that’s gone dead for God knows how long. Maybe you should follow your own advice.

    Also, TL;DR is the battle cry of the ignorant. You’re just fucked from all different angles, so you make that claim to excuse your short-sightedness. Don’t make me laugh.

  • Abba Okoro

    Like I said before the Catholic church was created by Constantine also that’s not collectivism if it involves exclusively voluntarism as it promotes the individual above all else.

    No only in Europe where the holy roman empire where the catholic church was entwined with the Government.

    The reformation actually saved it from corruption of power(as it inevitably brings)


    Nope. The Reformation Churches brought the Church under state control. Whereareas SOMETIMES the Catholic Church can say no when the government wants to rape them, the Protestant churches have no choice but to bend over when the state wants them to.

    Constantine had nothing to do with Catholicism. In fact, he knew so little about religion he just left the bishops to pilot the Church in councils like Nicaea.

    The Holy Roman Empire defied the Church plenty of times and invaded Italy more than once to put the Pope under its control. I wouldn’t call that “cooperation”.

  • Abba Okoro

    You’re referring to denomination where there’s a combination of church and state(like the church of England?)

    But still HE created the catholic church and ironically the big split between EAST and WEST.

    Didn’t the Vatican created the Holy roman empire?


    And the Vatican also fought the Empire when it got too strong. Your point?

  • Abba Okoro

    The Vatican was created by the Empire(Rome if that’s what you’re referring too)


    Nope. The Vatican came into power after the Roman Empire fell. Prior to that, the Pope was named the Pontifex Maximus of the Christian Empire, since the Christians felt uncomfortable with a priest-king.

  • Abba Okoro

    No I’m referring to it’s creation not power


    Nah, they were already there before the truce with Rome.

  • Abba Okoro

    What truce? Constantine made Christianity the official religion of Rome(making it law) the Catholic Church or the Vatican city was created by Rome. In fact where is Vatican city located in?


    Nope. Constantine made it legal. It didn’t become the official religion until Theodosius.

  • Abba Okoro

    It was already legal before his reign, you didn’t read Constantine’s biography or what?


    Nope. Aside from a few Emperors giving it token protection, to be Christian is to bean outlaw.

    Yes, and Constantine even stated that “had the Empire focused on killing barbarians as much as they killed Christians, there would be no more barbarians left to threaten the Empire.”

  • Abba Okoro

    That I can agree with you there on your last statement however to ignore the fact it was legal before it wrong.