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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 72: Curry-Slurping Hate Mail Edition


In this edition of the show, I read hate mail related to my article on Indian girls, talk about why HuniePop is more fun than any BioWare game, and ask if you’re interested in me doing Let’s Play videos on my favorite games. I also talk about one of the biggest secrets to making money online, dissect a teenage barista who refers to me as “Satan’s spawn,” and talk about my break from Twitter and social media.

Listen below:

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  • spidaman3

    That Von Der Linn chick is obsessed with your bro. Her first article is about you, she even updated it in light of this podcast. If you read her about page she quotes you.

  • I hope she’s enjoying the attention, it’s the most she’s ever going to get for anything.

  • Abba Okoro

    lol Thanks for responding to my mail Matt

  • Abba Okoro


  • Dokter Mayhem

    Goddamn, Matt… I know that like to emphasize the all-caps from your haters, but for the love of Filipina cunt, stop screaming into the mic.

  • Dokter Mayhem

    Jesus fucking Christ… Someone please oven these degenerates that send Matt hatemail…

    I was fucking cringing from all that shit. Wasn’t even funny. The stupidity is that fucking painful.

  • Dokter Mayhem

    I sure hope Matt reads this one on his next podcast. Shit like this is comedy gold.

  • Humanities last resort

    Wow.. You are shit for brains.. Shame on the girl thats even giving you the time of day… Imagine what that says about her if just by reading what you post i anyone can tell that youre a fedulence waste of a human being. I guess you and all the other ” people” that follow this bald idiot are the shit that satan took that day that they were born.

  • Dokter Mayhem

    Lame. Good try bro.

  • neuroprag

    I find the yells funny I think he just needs to change his audio levels or whatever.

  • Humanities last resort

    Ive touched a delicate spot? Its ok baldy…. The world can see you too from the other side of the globe.