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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 74: Virgins Going Their Own Way


In this episode of the show, I talk about the nutless losers who call themselves “MGTOW” and the reasons why I don’t use that label anymore (even though I agree with the original principles of MGTOW). I also read some hate mail (including an email from Miss Teen India 2014, Aarti Gupta), explain why the audio quality of my recent podcasts has been lacking, and more.

Listen below:

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  • Titan000

    The usual MGTOW’s retort as I see by comment sections on MGTOW videos by virgin shaming some MGTOW’s you are implying that a man’s worth comes from getting laid. Which is clearly false.

  • Kind of like how feminists whine that society thinks that women’s worth comes solely from how pretty she is. Another parallel between them and MGTOW.

  • AM

    Catholic priests are the original MGTOW.

  • AM

    The shaming due to the stereotypical MGTOW (which I recognize isn’t all MGTOWs at all) is not his sexlessness but his inability to attain it. It’s not hard to get laid in America. Have a little charisma, give her a couple beers, insult her, and then make her feel wanted.

    Black girls are especially easy if you need a mechanical release. There was one at work who started referring to me as her boyfriend even though I had never shown any interest in her beyond passing the time.

    Incels complain about how women don’t want to sleep with them, but that’s only the women they themselves want to sleep with. This also parallels women who say “They don’t make good Christian men anymore” surrounded by a church full of 30 year old virgins knifing each other to white knight for her. I knew a girl who said that to me shortly after she broke up with a friend of mine who was absolutely in love with her.

  • AM

    The part about the hate mail over the tattoo article is great. How many 15 year olds cut? Like, all. I know, I know, daddy issues, even though they all have single mothers.

  • Danny Blum

    I don’t understand why a group of guys values female attention so much
    that they attack other guys who don’t care about it and aren’t
    interested in it. It’s like these guys are so insecure about themselves
    that they not only desperately need female attention for validation, but
    they are so deeply threatened by other men rejecting female attention
    that they feel it necessary to attack those men viciously.
    Their whole barometer for measuring their self-worth is thrown into disarray
    when other men place a zero sum value on female validation. It’s really
    sick and sad for those poor guys who are so dependent on women’s
    attention. MGTOW makes perfect sense for certain men for very logical
    and understandable reasons.
    Probably these poor souls don’t realize how dangerous a psychotic woman can be,
    even to them while they think they have their women “in check”. I hope
    for their sake they don’t find out the hard way.

  • So Danny, when was the last time you had sex?

  • Spike Gomes

    You know it’s possible to live life without women without making life all about how much you’re avoiding women, right?

    One is simply someone with priorities and interests above the pursuit of relationships and sex, the other is a nutcase, as anyone who loudly and frequently proclaims that they don’t participate in a particular thing comes across as being.

  • Danny Blum

    Yeah but you guys attack all MGTOWs as if they are all fat neckbeards who can’t get laid and are only using MGTOW as a way to excuse themselves. That’s just not the case, buddy.

  • Danny Blum

    Thanks for demonstrating my point, Matt. When’s the last time you ran across the edge of a cliff for 25 miles, then burned a pile of cash? For you it makes no sense. “Why would I want to do that?” Now you understand how I feel when someone asks me about when’s the last time I had sex. The question is totally meaningless.
    “Getting laid” is the only way you have in your life to measure your self worth. This makes you totally dependent on women for validation. MGTOWs are free from that and I think you are jealous because you’ll never understand it and because you need women and they don’t. You’re an addict defending your drug as if it were your own mother. You defend it so ferociously in fact that you feel the need to attack anyone who isn’t using it.

  • NotBuyingTheBsAnymore

    Feminism inadvertently freed men from their traditional male roles. Now, men aren’t forced to provide for and protect women. As more and more women enter the military – fewer and fewer men’s lives will have to be sacrificed for women’s rights. Women cast off their traditional roles and now men have done the same. Hope no one’s surprised.

    Marriage for men has always been slavery. Marriage is nothing more than a gynocentric trap in which men are destroyed. Society shamed men into providing for and protecting women and “her” children. In days past, a man that didn’t have a wife had difficulty finding employment and one that didn’t provide for a woman’s children was deemed defective. Men were also sent to war to fight and die for their rights – rights that were given to women without any cost. Men that didn’t go to war were branded cowards – by both men and women. These things are still somewhat true today, but more and more, men are standing up to this misandry and male disposability. Marriage, for all intensive purposes, has always been about the exchange of sex by women for provision and protection by men. To a large extent, society still enforces these roles.

    In the past 40+ years, in the US alone, tens upon tens of millions of men have been destroyed through marriage. As a result, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of those men have committed suicide. This is the real reason for the decline in marriage. All across the globe, men are waking up and opting out.

    Because of the above, we are moving toward a more equal society in which one gender isn’t forced to sacrifice themselves for the other. To continue this trend, white knights and chivalrous men must be removed from the male ranks. These are the men that will gladly throw other men under the bus to gain favor with the gynocracy. White knights and chivilrous men pander to the gynocracy and look down on men that stand up for themselves. These men are relics of dark days past (for men) and need to be called out and removed from any gender equalized society.

    MRAs, tradcons, feminists, anti-feminists, liberals and white knights all work to fit men into whatever slave mold best suits their agenda. Each works in the best interests of women and against the best interests of men.

    From the above, MGTOW were born.

  • Danny Blum

    Hell yes. That’s a great explanation for MGTOW. (please edit bottom of second paragraph… “all intents and purposes.”)

  • And this is why people make fun of MGTOW; because when they do, you crybabies respond like nerdy kids on the playground. “TEACHER, HE’S MAKING FUN OF ME!”

    You want to call yourselves “men?” Grow a thicker skin and stop reacting like little girls whenever someone criticizes you.

  • Danny Blum

    I’m not taking to a teacher, Matt. I’m talking directly to you. Me and you talking to each other, Matt. I responded to your post in a calm and clear manner. You are the only one here getting angry and yelling. Take a look at your own skin, buddy.

  • I’m not arguing with you. There’s no arguing with someone who equates getting laid to “[running] across the edge of a cliff for 25 miles, then burn[ing] a pile of cash.” You’re just as deluded as the Tumblr feminists who think they’re part dolphin or identify as “demiromantic sapiosexuals.” You’ve so retreated into your fantasy world that you have no clue that you look like a complete freak to everyone who’s not part of your little hugbox.

    What’s more, you claim that I’m dependent on women for validation, yet you and your fellow MGTOWs are dependent on other men for validation. The proof is you responding to this post. If you were truly going your own way and didn’t give a fuck what other people thought, you wouldn’t be leaving book-length comments on the podcast of someone who doesn’t like you. You wouldn’t care about my opinion at all.

    That’s why MGTOW is a joke. If you were truly confident and assured of your life choices, you wouldn’t be banding together online to commiserate and attacking anyone who called you on your bullshit. You MGTOWs are inherently insecure, because you believe deep down that you’re wasting your lives jacking off in the basement. Again, you’re no different then the hoards of feminist haters in my inbox telling me that they “don’t give a fuck what [I] think” (even as they send me multiple page emails and death threats).

  • Wow, that guy’s still around and still trolling (I don’t believe he’s a real person)?

    The manosphere has a demographic problem? Return of Kings gets 1.3 million unique visitors a month, 52% of whom are age 18-34. In particular, 24% of the site’s readers are 18-24, which is 1.89 times larger than the world average:!demo

    Same with my site. I have over 100,000 unique visitors per month, 21% of whom are age 18-24, 1.68 times the world average.!demo

    That guy is an idiot. I don’t even know why he’s still around seeing as his troll posts are all but ignored by everyone.

  • Barbarossa is a liar and a degenerate. Bernard Chapin calls him “Cockaroacha” for a reason.

  • Danny Blum

    I didn’t equate it, I used it as an example of something you’d probably not be interested in doing, like your question to me abut something I’m not interested in. Try to read slower please.
    Your arguments about how much I care and how dependent I am are funny considering that you got initially angry enough to make a blog post and an hour long talk episode about mgtow. Something got you all riled up about this and it’s pretty clear what it is.
    But since you’re so secure about your choices in life, why was it so easy for a group of people who weren’t talking to you to make you so angry? Since you’re so secure and confident, why do you care what mgtows do? Weird how your attacks on me come right back to you, buddy.
    I don’t jack off in the basement, I jack off upstairs. I’m fuckin awesome at it. I never said I didn’t give a fuck what you think. I saw your article and I had a comment that I wanted to share with you publicly about it. I started a totally calm discussion and you completely flipped your shit abut it, yelling, making up horse shit gibberish about teachers, and swearing at me. For what? What did I say that got you so angry? Because I was right about you? All you care about is whether or not you get laid, right? I guess what I said made you realize how dumb that is, which is why you’re so pissed. lmk if that’s not it, but it really seems to be it.
    Getting laid is fine. I don’t HATE it. I just don’t care anymore. I’ve done it more times than I can count. I even have a child to prove it and everything. I’d take it if it were thrown at me. I fucked a Hungarian hooker in Amsterdam in June. It was fine. I only did it because my buddy would have been mad if I didn’t do it. I just… don’t care anymore. It’s not that great. It’s just whatever. What it’s NOT is worth all the trouble and expense that usually comes with it. I, and many other MGTOWs have done a very logical cost / benefit analysis and decided that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. That’s all it is for me.
    I’m writing long comments because I’m trying to have a conversation with someone who has very different views about this subject. Why wouldn’t I want to talk to someone who thinks different from me? That’s interesting and can be enlightening. But since all you want to do is get angry and yell obscenities at me and be insulting, I guess I’ve come to the wrong place. I assumed since you took the time to make a whole article about the subject, you’d be open to talking about it. Guess not, so, bye. Good luck getting laid all the time. I hope that works out for you.

  • Dokter Mayhem

    I still identify with MGTOW, if for no other reason than how toxic the modern dating scene is. It has gotten to the point that I would rather go through boot camp for the rest of this year, ending each cycle with a dose of pepper spray to my face than deal with modern girls.

    It’s gotten to where I consider it a blessing to deal with a girl I don’t want to strangle within five minutes of meeting.

    Plain and simple? I’m MGTOW because my tolerance for bullshit has sunk to an all-time low. I think I’ll stick to the gym and self-improvement.

  • Dokter Mayhem

    Hear hear, buddy. I can’t stand Barbarossa for the very reason that he never seems to attack leftists. He claims that he stands against the Welfare State, and yet he refuses to acknowledge that feminism and the welfare state in America both came from a very distinct source.

  • Dokter Mayhem

    Hey Matt, I think Miss Teen India might have a thing for you with how she is trying to justify herself. You should totally smash.

    In the words of a great Manosphere icon…

  • Danny Blum

    Yup. That’s what I’m sayin.

  • Mitchel

    When was the last time you had sex Matt? Hookers don’t count either dude. By the way, could you post your fitness routine soon. Shame on you for only showing us what supplements you use to get that flawless physique. Fuck 6 pack abs, I want the spare tire look ;)

  • Anti-Citizen

    Most MGTOWs are Elliot Rodger-type incels with a typical “sour grape” rationalization behind their failure with women. Too bad because it started really good and now the whole community sank to the wizardchan level of a depressive pity party. Not to mention they are fucking pussies that can’t take even the slightest criticism without getting all defensive. In that regards they are like tumblrites. And I’m telling this from a guy who is basically living a MGTOW lifestyle.

    The difference is that I don’t spend the whole day bitching about not getting attention from girls that are 9 and 10s, and dreaming about some future revenge plan for them (which includes ignoring them – like this was ever a choice).

  • Anti-Citizen

    When Milo published The Sexodus article (which by any standards was a fair representation of what MGTOW is or should be), the first reaction from Barbarossa was to attack him personally.

    Go figure.

  • Benjamin Mulroney

    men (not) going their own way… loud and proud.

  • navian

    Unbelievable, first MRA vs PUA now MGTOW vs PUA and MRA or did I get that backward ?? Tea bags dragging around the manosphere. Leave it to men to divide and conquer ourselves….WTF, it will never change.

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  • Kit Ingoldby

    This sounds like pathetic internet drama, getting all upset because MGTOW doesn’t mean exactly what it supposedly meant years ago when it was first thought up, even complaining how it is pronounced.


  • Kit Ingoldby

    Elliot Rodgers centred his life on chasing women and lived for female attention, the exact opposite of a MGTOW. To call Elliot Rodgers a MGTOW really shows that you don’t understand what MGTOW is.

  • neuroprag

    Love the hate mail. Could listen to them all day.

  • Anti-Citizen

    And MGTOW center their life around complaining about women. They just skipped the chasing part.

  • Yobyaxes

    Hey Matt Forney. I know you may not know me and to be honest, I have only just discovered your podcast here from some MGTOW on Youtube. Well, this MGTOW actually labelled you as a MRA all in an effort to discredit the Men’s Rights Movement and pass them off as traditionalists.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    You can’t see a difference between centring your life on chasing women out of desperation for female attention and on not doing so……

    Give it up. You’ve called this wrong, everyone can see that and doubling down on it just makes you look like a fool.

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  • In my head I used to always actually think out loud “Men Going Their Own Way” — no “Emm Gee Tee Oh Double-U” or anything. But now every time I see it I hear “MIG-TOW!”

    Ugh, that does not sound like something men should call themselves.

  • Titan000

    ”The shaming due to the stereotypical MGTOW (which I recognize isn’t
    all MGTOWs at all) is not his sexlessness but his inability to attain
    it. It’s not hard to get laid in America. Have a little charisma, give
    her a couple beers, insult her, and then make her feel wanted.”

    I think the MGTOW has addressed that the ability to get women is irrelevant considering it lies on the assumption that they have the desire to pursue pussy.

  • Titan000

    Ancient Rome had its version of feminism as did the Arab Empire in its declining years.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    Look up the Greek play “The Assemblywomen” or something like that. Essentially a play about women and communism.

    The fall of the Sassanian Empire was brought about by a kind of communist philosophy as well. One again, Leftism and Feminism are intertwined and you’re a fucking retard if you think otherwise.

  • Titan000

    So are you saying that leftism existed before there was even a label for the phenomenon? How do you think civilizational entropy sound?

  • MR Z
  • MR Z