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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 75: Is Jordan Owen the Next Elliot Rodger?


In this episode of the podcast, I discuss the creepy similarities between Jordan Owen’s ideology and that of Isla Vista killer and PUA Hate poster Elliot Rodger, as shown by his psychotic attack on Roosh and the manosphere. I also discuss Owen stabbing Davis Aurini in the back and killing The Sarkeesian Effect because of his psychological and sexual issues.

Listen below:

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  • Paracletus

    What will you be talking about on Red Ice Radio? Also, when will you publish your next books and are you planning on doing any livestreams in the future?

  • What will you be talking about on Red Ice Radio?

    Feminism, the manosphere, how technology and cultural Marxism have destroyed human relationships etc.

    Also, when will you publish your next books

    Hopefully, my next one will be out by next month. I’m taking my time to make sure they’re as good as they can be.

    and are you planning on doing any livestreams in the future?

    I’m doing one tomorrow night.

  • neuroprag

    Never heard of this Owen guy before. Hard to believe anyone in these parts paid attention to him before and am glad that he’s being cut off. Good show. Much improved in content and polish since last I visited.

  • neuroprag

    Looking forward to it. I suggest everyone get a membership to RIR as it’s well worth the money, especially at first with the huge amount of back catalogue content.

  • Samuel Roberts

    It’s interesting to see and I picked up on the exact same thing: how absolutely miserable the guy looks. How he’s unkempt, he isn’t shaving, his apartment’s a mess… I started off mad at him for blowing up a promising movie and by the time I’d finished my article for Reaxxion on this same topic I just felt kind of sad.

    I suppose as a guy writing for Roosh he imagined I’d be flipping out and screaming at him. But he’s obviously in a ton of pain, and I can’t bring myself to be mad at somebody who’s in such bad shape. I don’t know what’s making him lash out like this, but I hope he gets it under control.

    Look at the other comments on this article. One guy’s asking you about your next book, and one guy is saying, “Never heard about this Owen guy. By the way your podcast is a lot better.” He clearly envisioned himself as taking a bold, defiant stand that was going to bring a furious response, but the truth is nobody but you, me, and Aurini watched more than the start of his videos, and I couldn’t make it through more than 30 minutes. I’m sure you’ve already started writing your next piece for Roosh, and I’m working on mine. I don’t know a lot about Aurini, but I know he’s going to pull together and finish the project, and it might even be better off than it was now that it’s just him making it. In a week or so both you and I will have forgotten the guy, and in 6 months or so Aurini probably will too. And nobody else will have paid any attention to him at all.

    He’ll be forgotten, alone in a dingy apartment with a ruined career. Kind of depressing thought, really.

  • I came to the same conclusion. All his ramblings reek of the cognitive dissonance thats characteristic of someone who’s accidentally swallowed a few red pills. His world view makes no sense right now and is collapsing. He doesn’t know how to respond.

  • Titan000

    Apparently porn also prevents one from enjoying even the ordinary pleasures in life. Due to the way it screws up dopamine even everyday things meant to bring pleasure does not.

    When one gives up porn one’s overall ability to enjoy life rises. Life becomes more intense and pleasurable experiences are even more pleasurable one even cried when listening to good music. This is according to several no fap anecdotes I encountered.

  • Paracletus

    Thanks for the answers Matt!

    Since I can’t follow your stream live, I’ll leave my question here:

    What is your opinion on the recent argument between Roosh and Jared Taylor from American Renaissance?

  • Dokter Mayhem

    I’m gonna play Devil’s Advocate here. Jordan has to have a mental disorder. I mean, yeah, he ain’t the best looking guy, but all he’s gotta do is lose weight as he’s good enough in looks (for 90% of Americans, losing weight is all you gotta do to at least be a 7 in looks). That’s it. Just lose the weight, get a better wardrobe, and he would be swimming in pussy. I mean, for fuck’s sake, he’s a professional musician! He’s a movie producer! Goddamn! If you can’t spin that to get some ass, you fail as a human being.

  • Dokter Mayhem

    Annnnd… to play Devil’s Advocate again…

    Women DO approach. In fact, the reason I don’t approach is because every time I do, it ends in hilarious and miserable failure. However… Most dates I’ve gotten is when the woman approached me. It’s not the ideal way to go about things, I still believe that overall, you are right Matt, and that men should and will have to do most of the approaching. Of course, I got to date a professional model once, so I’m probably also a statistical outlier.

  • AM

    I like the intro music. Should have left the bass line go on longer.

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