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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 76: Virgins Going Their Own Way, Part 2 — Neckbeard Boogaloo


In this episode of the show, I discuss the continuing rage of MGTOW neckbeards, as shown by the autistic YouTuber RazorBladeKandy2 and his “takedowns” of my posts. I also read some hate mail, discuss my YouTube Let’s Plays of Solar 2, and more.

Listen below:

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  • Dokter Mayhem

    I really think that MGTOW (Fuck it, I’m pronouncing it “Mig-Tao” because fuck complications), is undergoing a split and a synthesis process, much like the Alt-Right is doing between NRx and the Manosphere.

    Original MGTOW, like Bonecrcker and Pook, were more right-wing, while MGTOW 2.0 guys, such as RazorBladeCandy and Bar-Bar, are just left-wing shills. The split is coming down to MGTOW like Aaron Clarey and Aurini (who both identify as it) who have accomplished things and are doing stuff with their lives, thus are right-wing, vs the other crew, who really do embody the stereotypes, thus explaining their left-wing beliefs.

    I hate these morons who blame “trad-cons” for everything and seem to utterly neglect that feminism came from a distinct source on the political spectrum. While Feminism is indeed merely women’s nature revealed, the Right would have never really brought it out like the Left has.

    I really think that this current crop of MGTOW losers is just symptomatic of the Millenial generation. I can use myself as an example (because I am a raging egomaniac who loves bragging). Unlike just about all other millenials, I have forgotten more useful skills than the average millenial male (because they’re not men) will ever learn. Those of us who are on the right and identify as MGTOW have actually accomplished things and have useful skills.

    Compare to the current crop, with the exception of Cocaroacha (who can at least say he’s an engineer), these MGTOW always leave me asking the question “do you even lift, bro?”

  • meat&potatoes

    Where I live, I don’t meet any women. I looked at game, figured I’m socially deficient and life is simply not long enough for me to learn it. The differences of ideas that are being explored are good. The insults are natural and irrelevant. MGTOW opinions on racism and war I do not agree with. Matt Forney, Arinui and David Cameron are great, absolutely good for my mind. So is Bar Bar. Bar Bar is kinda saying that we are not going back to the 1950’s, but the reasons for this are being explored extensively and his conclusions are well articulated, reasonable perceptions that are worth hearing regardless of who insults who. I hate using catch phrases myself. Even saying left/right wing is annoying.