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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 77: Whore-R Story


In this episode of the show, I talk about the conceited author who cheated on her husband (with his permission) and wrote a navel-gazing memoir about it. I also mention the Charlotte, North Carolina man who legally flashes his junk at his neighbors, discuss my taking over the reins at Reaxxion, and more.

Listen below:

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  • spidaman3

    “I slept with 12 people (including having 2 lesbian experiences), but he slept with one girl who was younger than me and I was bothered by that.” I can’t stop laughing at that. Also the washingtonpost did a review on her article: The reviewer says it’s awful and that the author is full of contradictions. He pretty much sums up her story as: “Rinaldi just seems lost.” This attention whore is a cartoon character.

  • Haven’t yet listened to the podcast, but judging solely by her picture, the husband is better off. Something about her face bothers me. I know some thirsty guys probably compliment her, and she may be great beneath the picture, but a pretty face is a must.

    It’s been a while since I read him, but Athol Kay once remarked about open relationships with something like “if you do, be sure you have the biggest dick.” This could be figurative – but the guy she left her husband for clearly has a bigger dick; it may be his actual dick, or his body overall, or his bank account.

    Or it may just be that he’s not such a pussy as to agree to this arrangement.

  • AquariusMoon

    Yuck. This woman doesn’t even cherish her relationship if she does stuff like this.

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