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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 87: The Three Shitlords in “Get Cucked”


In this episode, I welcome back the Bechtloff and William Rome. We discuss how Nickelodeon is spreading cuckold fetishism with their new show Bella and the Bulldogs, the sudden about-face of anti-GamerGate neo-Nazi wannabe Ian Miles Cheong, and the decline and fall of YouTube video game criticism. We also talk about Roosh’s new concept of “neomasculinity,” the decline of science fiction and the rise of fantasy, mention the passing of Myth of Natural Rights author L.A. Rollins (the book is now available in PDF format online), and more.

Listen below:

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  • Neocrummer

    A Nickelodeon video editor was on to catch a predator. I will find the video later

  • Red Pillage

    WIlliam rome is alright, but he doesn’t seem to add much to the convo other than concurring and the occasional laughter..

    Also,, watching porn isn’t really cucking yourself, as it was never your bitch in the first place. Shes disposable.

  • One of your better shows. You need to team up with these guys more often. Especially the Bechtloff. Maybe a regular weekly commentary on events in the gaming world and general culture?

  • WhiteSecessionist

    Watching porn is cuckolding because porn pacifies you and turns you into a little faggot, so that when the time comes some other guy will take the woman you want.

  • Red Pillage

    If you’re going to make that distinction why not go all the way with it? Isn’t jerking off also just being a little faggot?

    How about when some one cuts you off on the freeway? And you don’t run him off the road? Could you then say, he CUCK’D you off!?

    Or when the guy in front of you in line buys the last cold beer?


    Someone interrupts your story?


    Girl denies you?



  • WhiteSecessionist

    You’re obviously another youtube-educated American moron.

    But I’m sure you think you’re real intelligent for that piece of profound reasoning above.

    Yes, masturbating turns you into a cowardly faggot, it is possible to give it up but I wouldn’t put that past a faggot like you.

    All the rest of your comment is just self-righteous butthurt, I’m sure even you can figure the rest out if you try a little harder.

    Don’t hurt yourself.

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