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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 99: Eau de Douche


In this episode of the show, I talk about the real reasons why nightclubs are dying and discuss why beta orbiters deserve to get bitched out by the girls they hover around. I also explain why no doesn’t always mean no and how mainstream opinions on rape have drifted to the left in the past decade. Finally, I talk about recently defenestrated male feminist Ben Schoen and explain how John Stuart Mill demolished Roosh’s SJW detractors nearly two centuries ago.

Listen below:

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  • enriquegp

    One question about beta orbiting:back in college I myself always took the plunge and asked girls out. Thing is though, when I got rejected I would still be in good terms with them after the fact. Is it beta orbiting-ish to be friendly and have chats with girls who rejected your advances?

  • Larsen Halleck

    I’m no alpha male myself, but I personally have found that my fortunes with women I’m interested in have exponentially increased since I’ve started making it explicitly clear to them from the first meeting that I was sexually interested in them.

    That was something I had to learn from the “school of hard knocks”, after spending all of high school as an orbiting puppy dog and not losing my virginity until my sophomore year of college.

  • maur

    Yes, it is. You do not hang out with women and give them the privilege of your presence and company unless they are willing to pay with sex. Friendly chatting will not make them respect you.