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Men’s Rights Activists Really Are Sackless Pussies; or, May Krista Jane Heflin Burn in Hell

A few days ago, a radical feminist blogger who went by the handle “Femitheist Divine” decided that life was just too difficult and decided to check out of the hotel. One bullet to the head and it was all over.

Good for her, I say. The more feminists voluntarily recuse themselves from this vale of tears, the better it’ll get for us normal people.

You’d figure that MRAs would be happy that one of their most repugnant enemies is six feet under. Looking at the thread at A Voice for Men on her suicide, though (hat tip to Mojo), all the fearsome “anti-feminists” are having a big group cry over Heflin’s corpse. Example comment:

Wow. I honestly thought she was just trolling. The stuff she wrote was just so over the top and crazy it was difficult for me to believe that anyone could really think the way she did. I guess hate was all she had to live for. When she gave up on that there must have been no reason for her to go on. I must admit that any suicide, even one of our avowed enemies, makes me sick to think about. If she is dead, then may she rest in peace.

Really, guys? This woman had nothing but hatred in her heart for men. She’s the literal definition of a man-hating feminist, Valerie Solanas with a keyboard. If a man had written anything a quarter as hateful about women that she wrote about men, not a single person on Earth, even his own mother, would mourn his passing. He’d be called a Nazi, a misogynist, a scumbag, and no one would feel guilty about denouncing him as the maggots feasted on his body. Here’s a sampling of the uplifting things Heflin’s written:

We must show men that they are worthless and useless, like lapping dogs at our heels. Begging, starving, dying, and whining up to the hand that feeds – our hand. Yet, we will not feed them. We will slap them down, and throw them outside to die.

We will re-define the world, and create am ambience which utterly loathes and abhors everything that is male, and embraces and loves everything that is female.

Want more?

Along with men, we shall eliminate the handicapped, and the disabled (any form, mental or physical), including the abominations that are “intersexual” people, commonly, and incorrectly, referred to as hermaphrodites. Eugenics is the future, and not only are these types of people an economic, mental, physical and emotional strain on themselves and others, generating misery for all around them, but they are a blemish to the genetics of humankind. We will take our evolution into our own hands, and we will rid the world of all vermin.

Homosexual men, for being the greatest of misogynists by being naturally inclined to hate women and find them unattractive, shall be put to death. There will be no exceptions, ever. Even for a man who is only partially skewed. They are all bound forever to the collective. Every individual male, offender or inoffensive, will be judged by the actions of the greatest perpetrators.

The irony of Heflin talking about eugenics is that she and her Radfem compadres are mental defectives who would be first in line for the gas chambers if this country ever got serious about weeding out the untermenschen. They even admit it; take a look at this blog where radical feminists talk about how they suffer from autism, Asperger’s and other mental disorders… while they chide men with “inferior genes.” I can’t make this shit up.

And don’t try and excuse away Heflin’s writings by claiming she was mentally ill. As Mojo pointed out, mental illness is not a defense. Heflin was of sound enough mind to create a blog and post her disgusting comments online, so she’s of sound enough mind to be held responsible for them.

Since it seems every single MRA is completely spineless, I’m going to say what they don’t have the courage to.

Fuck Krista Jane Heflin. She was a piece of human garbage, a waste of skin and vaginal fluids, and I’m glad she’s dead. The only sad part of her death is the fact that she apparently had a daughter, who will now have a screwed-up existence because she had the misfortune of being born to a crazy, misandrist termagent. If you squirt any tears over this monster, you’re either a big fucking phony or you’re a big fucking pussy. Either way, you’re beneath contempt.

This incident shows why the men’s rights movement is doomed: MRAs have no gumption, no courage, no balls. Most of them are too chickenshit to write under their real names, and they do nothing but post comments on blogs all day. By calling themselves “activists,” they’ve debased the term to the point where it has no meaning. They are destined to become a footnote in history, because real men with brains and balls have no interest in joining a pity party.

Now let’s see how many people curse me out for writing this post, rather than cursing out the piece of human excrement who thought men were subhuman and wanted to castrate them all.

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