Matt Forney
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Jim Goad and Ann Sterzinger Got Me Banned from Medium

Back around Christmas, in order to counteract the lies that Jim Goad and my ex Ann Sterzinger were spreading about me, I opened a Medium account in order to cross-post my articles “A Warning to Ann Sterzinger’s Next Boyfriend” and “Ann Sterzinger is Lying About Being Raped.” They quickly shot up to number one and two on her Google search results, meaning anyone who looked up information on Sterzinger would see what a deranged lunatic she is.

Yesterday, I noticed that both of those articles had vanished from Google. I then tried to find them on Medium only to discover that my account was completely gone. I logged in and sent a message to support, and they came back with this several hours later:


It’s clear that Goad and Sterzinger were behind my ban since the only two articles on my Medium account were about them; I didn’t use the account for anything else and didn’t even link it here or on my social media channels. Moreover, Goad has been caught red-handed using sockpuppet accounts to silence his critics before. Last November, he attempted to get me banned from YouTube by mass-flagging my videos with sockpuppet accounts, several of which I caught him using (here and here). A former friend of his also confirmed in an email that he has been using “shell” accounts on YouTube, Disqus, Reddit, and other sites to harass and censor his enemies for years; Goad and this ex-friend used to create fake accounts together.

Moreover, the idea that my articles about Goad and Sterzinger constitute “targeted harassment” of “private figures” is ridiculous. Both Goad and Sterzinger are public figures: they’re published (or in Sterzinger’s case, self-published) authors who have written for/edited major publications such as Taki’s Magazine, Thought Catalog, and VICE. While Goad is a has-been and Sterzinger is a never-was, they’re no more “private figures” than I am. The whole drama involving my relationship with Sterzinger was dead, buried, and private until Goad and her decided to resurrect it as part of a bizarre revenge plot, and I published those articles in order to combat their smear campaign.

I will update this post with additional details as time permits, but it’s clear that Goad and Sterzinger will continue harassing and stalking with me in various ways.