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How to Meet Filipina Girls Online

Online dating is by far the easiest way to get laid in the Philippines. In this video, I give you a basic overview of what sites to use, how to get dates, and how to avoid scammers.

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Hey, all. In this video I want to talk a bit more about how to pick up Filipina girls through online dating. This is going to give you a brief overview. I’m probably going to be writing about this a bit more extensively on my blog, I’ll link it in the description, but this video will give you a brief overview of what it’s like.

Now, online dating is the number one way that you can get Filipinas, Filipina girls here in the Philippines, for whatever reason. The Philippines really aren’t—outside of say, Manila, the Philippines really aren’t a huge bar culture. And a lot of the girls at the very least try to put up a pretense that they are virginal and saving themselves for the right man. So online dating is the ideal way to get them.

And also with online dating, you get all these trolls and idiots who say, “Ha, ha, you’re just taking advantage of these girls, you’re taking advantage, all they care about is your money, they’re just gold diggers, you know, they’re looking to use you for your money.” But with online dating, you’re going to be guaranteed that all the girls you’ll be finding that are on FilipinoCupid or whatever are going to be middle class or at least working class, because you don’t exactly get poor people from the slums. They don’t exactly have Internet access out in the slums. They don’t even have running water, as I’ve discovered through my explorations.

But what you want to do, there are three main sites that you can use to pick up Filipinas. There’s FilipinoCupid as I just mentioned, there’s, and there’s Cherry Blossoms.

Now, FilipinoCupid and DateInAsia are the ones I’ve used more extensively. I sort of looked over Cherry Blossoms. I can’t really say too much about Cherry Blossoms, aside from the fact that, from what I’ve researched it seems to skew a bit older. The girls on Cherry Blossoms tend to be in their thirties and up. If that’s your deal, you can check out Cherry Blossoms. Personally, I’m not going to say too much about it because I haven’t used it personally.

DateInAsia is really only—the only really saving grace DateInAsia has is that it’s free. There are simply too many scam profiles on it. There are too many trannies, too many ladyboys, and also the girls there are very unreceptive to anything, the real ones. So you’re going to end up like back in the states, blasting out millions of messages a day and maybe getting a handful of replies.

So, like I said, the only reason I would recommend, I would even bother with DateInAsia is because it’s free, but you have to learn how to weed out the ladyboys. Probably, I mean, I’m not going to go into big detail there, but the main bulk of your efforts should be concentrated on FilipinoCupid.

Now, FilipinoCupid is not free. You can create an account for free, but in order to actually read the messages that girls will send you, you have to subscribe, which is I think about $25 a month, something like that. It’s worth every penny though, because the girls there are serious about meeting men. And if you don’t believe me, you can just click the link in the description.

Create your own profile. Post a picture of yourself on it, one that clearly shows that you’re a foreign, preferably white man, and maybe fill—you don’t really have to fill your profile out. As soon as that happens, you are going to get dozens, dozens, dozens of messages from girls, who are just saying “Hi, I think you’re interesting, I think you’re cool, ha, ha. Please add me on Skype, please add me on Facebook,” or whatever. It’s surreal.

We’re all used to online dating in the States, where it’s like if you’re a man you’re going to be the one sending out messages, tons of messages to girls and maybe getting, maybe ten percent of the girls you message will reply back. In this specific case it’s the other way around. It’s the girls who are trying to get you; it’s you who are the prize.

So what you want to do with FilipinoCupid, well, number one, you know, you should go through all the verification things they ask of you. They have you scan your driver’s license or whatever, because this will actually increase your response rate. Not that you really need it, even when I first started. When I first started my profile before I had even bought a membership or even really filled out my profile, as soon as I put a picture up, I had to disable email notifications because I was getting hundreds of likes and messages a day from Filipinas. It’s absolutely insane.

Now, I say fill out your profile and really don’t overthink it, because honest to God, I mean, some people are going to laugh at me. Having an account on FilipinoCupid and dating Filipinas off of the Internet has really sort of made me realize what it’s like to be a woman in the United States, or at least a woman in online dating. Because you get all these girls who are just saying—you just know they’re full of shit.

They’ll say, “Oh, I read your profile, it’s very funny.” Or they’ll comment on your picture, “Ha, ha.” Or they’ll say, “Oh, blah, blah, blah, you’re an author, what do you write?” It’s obvious they aren’t reading shit and they’re just messaging me because they think I’m cute or they think I’m handsome or whatever, or “guwapo,” or “box office.”” Those are the terms they use in the Philippines. If a girl describes you as “box office,” it means she thinks you’re handsome.

So, really, don’t overthink it when it comes to filling out your profile. There’s really honest to God no way you can lose here. And when you do, there’s two types of girls you’ll be dealing with on FilipinoCupid. There’s the ones who message you and there’s the ones you’ll be messaging.

Now, you get tons of girls messaging you, but they’re going to be from all over the country. My method is if a girl messages from me in an area that I’m in or I’m going to be in, and she’s like, “Heh, heh,” just whatever. I’ll just send out little joking messages, like, “Hey, you look interesting to me, give me your number and I’ll text you sometime.” And, usually they’ll do it. That’s pretty easy. You don’t really need specific game or tactics here. You know, your instincts as a man will carry you pretty far in the Philippines.

Now, when it comes to girls that you message yourself, basically do a search for, in the area that you’re going to be in, the city that you happen to live in or where you’re going to be visiting. And just send little short messages saying something to the effect of, “Hi, your name here, I’m going to be in Davao next month. How are you doing?” Don’t make it—keep it simple, keep it short.

Some of these girls have questionable English and you don’t want to scare her off. And mentioning that you’re going to be in her city is the number one thing that will get her to pay attention to you. Because a lot of guys on FilipinoCupid have no interest in going to the Philippines, and they’ll just message girls wanting to have cam sex, which is pretty—and if she thinks you’re a creep, she’s going to run right off. But if you mention that you’re in her city or that you’re going to be in her city, all of a sudden that hurdle is cleared away pretty immediately.

And from there it’s like, she’ll message you back, and what happens there is she’ll usually give her—she’ll say hi—if she’s interested in you she’ll say, “Hi, I’m doing great,” and she might be a little enthusiastic or whatever.  Depending on what she’s like, she may give you her number straight up. If she doesn’t, well, if she doesn’t express any interest in you, like if she says—I got a message from one girl who replied, “Oh, that’s nice, and have a nice trip.” A message like that pretty much indicates she’s not interested.

If she isn’t showing any interest, then just forget about it, but if you think she’s interested tell her or ask her, send her a message to the effect that, “I don’t spend a lot of time on this site, so if you want to meet up later give me your number and I’ll send you a text later.” And 99 percent of the time they’ll do it, and it’s really as easy as that. Just get the numbers and do that.

Another thing you want to be aware of, do not ever, ever pay any more attention to a girl who starts trying to get you with sob stories. This is again fairly common, because there are a lot of idiot chumps on the site who will wire money to a girl in the third world who just gives him a sob story. The girls here are smart. They may not necessarily say, “Oh, give me money,” or whatever, but they’ll start complaining; oh, they have difficulty affording their college tuition, or, “Oh, my grandmother died,” or, “Oh, my pet died,” something like that.

If she starts whining at any point about her life, next her, because, number one, it’s only going to be a matter of time before she starts hitting you up for money; and, number two, it shows that she really has a low resilience personality. Why would you want to be with a girl who’s just going to whine constantly? A girl who just complains about everything is going to be a big pain in the ass and won’t be any fun to be around.

So if a girl starts whining about anything or trying to hit you up for money, next her. Don’t ever send money to a chick that you aren’t having sex with. And for that matter, be very careful about spending money on girls that you are having sex with. It’s a truism no matter where you are, in the Philippines or the U.S. or wherever.

And once you’ve got the number and once you’re in the city in question, there’s really not much more to say. Put the numbers down in your phone, send a girl a text when you get the time.

Now, when you send a text out, these girls will reply. Filipinos are absolute masters of the text. You may think girls back in the States with their smartphone are crazy. The Filipinos are absolutely insane. You send a text, you’ll get a reply within five, ten minutes. And if you don’t send a reply in five, ten minutes, they’ll be like, “Oh, Matt, how are you? Are you all right?” They take text communication very seriously in the Philippines.

So once you got that, just set up a date. Suggest to meet for coffee or whatever at Starbucks; whatever you think would make a good date. A good date in the Philippines would be something during a day at sort of a low-key place like Starbucks or whatever. Or maybe just have her meet you at the pool, if you have a pool at your hotel or whatever, that always works.

Just don’t overthink it. Like I said, you really cannot fail in the Philippines as a man. You really cannot fail. So, just keep it simple. And also, watch out for this one type of scam that some Filipinos might throw on you, once you get to the texting arena.

Some girls will be like, when you agree—you’ll pitch an idea to them, a date idea. They’ll agree to meet you at one particular place. Then the next day they’ll, an hour or two before, they’ll message you back saying, “Oh, can we meet here instead because blah, blah, blah, it’s closer to where I am.” Even though they agreed to meet you at the first place the day before, they didn’t have a problem back then, but they have a problem with it now.

The reason why they’re doing this is because they’re trying to test whether or not they can manipulate you, okay. They’re trying to see how far you’ll go to please them. And if you fall for that schtick, they will be jerking you around, they will be jerking your chain, they will be the one in charge.

If a girl tries this, next her. Block her number from your phone and never speak to her ever again, because she’s just going to be a pain in the ass. Because there are so many girls here. For every one girl who tries to scam money out of your or tries to jerk you around, you’ll find five or ten more who are honest and are forthright about their desire for you. There’s no reason to be playing these games with girls when there are so many other girls who are much easier to get into bed.

Anyway, this is a brief overview. I hope it helps some of you guys out. Illegitimi non carborundum, don’t let the bastards grind you down. I’m Matt Forney and I am out.

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