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Are All Men Pedophiles? Only if You’re an Idiot

are-all-men-pedophilesReviewing this film puts me in an odd spot. As much as I like the content of Are All Men Pedophiles?—if you want to use certain terminology, it may be the most “red pill” documentary released in recent years—I can’t stand its presentation. Are All Men Pedophiles? is a simple, direct and unflinching look at male sexuality, a film that asks uncomfortable questions—truly uncomfortable questions, not the bullshit that passes for “controversy” in the mainstream media—and gives solid, defensible answers.

But dear God, it’s such an amateurish movie.

Shortly before I watched Are All Men Pedophiles?, I read two news stories that illustrates the Western media’s idiotic conception and treatment of “pedophiles.” On the one hand, we now have academics arguing in all sincerity that pedophilia is perfectly normal and should be legalized. On the other, we have a case out of Virginia where a 17-year old is being tried for “child pornography” for sending a dick pic to his girlfriend… with police actually forcibly taking pictures of his dick (and thus creating and trafficking in “child porn” themselves) as part of their prosecution.

Something is rotten in the state of the world.

Are All Men Pedophiles? advances three radical statements (radical in our supposedly “progressive” world, anyway):

  1. The conventional definition of pedophilia (sexual attraction to anyone under the age of 18) is wrong.
  2. Male sexual attraction to teenage girls isn’t just normal, it should be expected.
  3. The way that modern Western societies treat pedophiles and sex offenders is counterproductive and destructive.

The film begins with an evolutionary explanation for male attraction to teenage girls: it was a necessity throughout most of human history. Prior to the dawn of civilization, in the Hobbesian world of the Stone Age, human beings had ludicrously short lifespans and extremely high infant mortality rates. Because of this, men and women had a motivation to mate and bear young as soon as possible in order to get a few babies out before the Darkness consumed them all. Henceforth, men have an inborn attraction to young, post-pubescent girls, one that an arbitrary age of consent law cannot overcome.

Yet for some reason, attraction to sixteen or seventeen year-old girls is seen as “pedophilia” in most Western societies.

Are All Men Pedophiles? makes a distinction between true pedophilia (sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children, the actual medical definition of the term) and what the film calls hebephilia, attraction to post-pubescent teenagers. While no society in history has ever tolerated the former, the latter has historically been quite common up until recently; one of the film’s interview subjects is a German woman who had an 18-year old lover when she was 13. The film also includes interviews with actual pedophiles, both offending and non-offending, including one female pedophile with a rather disturbing history.

Finally, the movie criticizes Western society’s schizophrenic relationship with teenage sexuality. We’re absolutely drowning in images of sexualized, slutty teenagers, from music videos to “barely legal” porn to high fashion models (the mean age of said models is between 14 and 19). At the same time, we gleefully prosecute actual sexual activity between these teens, as shown by all the ridiculous “child porn” arrests of idiot kids texting each other pics of their genitals. The hysteria around “rape” and “sex offenders” truly is a modern witch-hunt, a Satanic panic for the 21st century.

But why did the movie have to look so dumb?

Are All Men Pedophiles? has the feel of a rush-job from beginning to end. The film is a Dutch production, the brainchild of producer/director/narrator Jan-Willem Breure, and screams amateur hour from the moment it begins. The opening, a brief monologue by underage model Savannah van Zweeden, directly accuses the viewer of being a pedophile using cuts and angles like a Hollywood action flick as directed by 11-year olds. The computer graphics used in the film look like they were whipped up in Final Cut Pro, and there are even little misspellings here and there (for example, the aforementioned German woman is referred to as a “women”). Additionally, the music is god-awful (particularly the inept Europop credits song), and the film also tacks on a poorly edited mea culpa at the end from Breure himself.

Does all this make Are All Men Pedophiles? a bad film? Absolutely not. For all its hackish presentation, the movie confronts a number of touchy, important issues in our modern culture, and it does so in a brutally honest fashion. If you’re looking for an interesting analysis of human sexuality, this movie is definitely worth your time.

Click here to watch Are All Men Pedophiles?

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  • Wiless

    I saw that was on Netflix; wondered if it was worth checking out.
    Thanks for reviewing it!

  • Vill helm

    It shows that the growing acceptance of homosexuality and the shunning of attraction to teenage girls, is all about keeping the human population down. Most leftist morons say it is a human rights issue, whatever that means. The powers that be want to keep our numbers down, and how could you see it any other way?

  • Markus

    Except for the make-up and “costume design”, the director did everything by himself, from the shooting to the editing, with a budget of €4,000. It’s almost a miracle he even managed to get the movie made, not to mention distributed, so I’ll readily forgive the amateurish parts.

    Worth a watch.

  • Robin-Frans Winkel

    Keeping the birthrates down will lead to euthanasia, now openly promoted in Lithuania as the alternative to palliative care for poor people.

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  • Dr. Giggles

    Outside of Europe, which has more relaxed attitudes towards sex, this movie wouldn’t have been made. The reason 18 is has become cutoff age for older men in this county has to with older women and feminists wanting to limit men’s options…to only dating them…take out their more nubile competition.

    Older women have waged this legislative and cultural war for selfish reasons. This enables them to keep the carousel rolling a bit longer. They even try to shame men older than 30 who date women in their early 20s.

    Younger women are a superior option, especially for inexperienced betas. But its not just because looks and fertility. It has to do with her lack of experience.

    Men and women are different. One key difference is how we develop sexually. Women get the headstart but retire earlier. Men start 3-5 years later but can stay in the game 15 years longer or more after. If you’re 30ish and commit to a woman close to your age, you will be at a great disadvantage because she carries invisible baggage. She will have had more experience and even sex partners (to compare to you) than you have. I believe we’ve come to the point in history where the average beta male’s notch count will be less than the women he will settle down with. You will not be special to her. She will treat you more like a commodity that satisfies he provider needs.

    Younger females don’t carry this invisible baggage. Their notch counts are low, 1-2 partners. They haven’t experienced repeated failures in the dating market. There’s a long future full of possibilities ahead of them. They’re optimistic. You’ll feel a positive energy and relaxed vibe when you’re together.