Matt Forney
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MGTOW and the Cult of Barbarossaaa


In this video, I give my thoughts on Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and how the label has been taken over by Barbarossaaa’s permavirgin cult drones. I also talk about the de facto Marxism of most MGTOWs and how their ideological incoherence makes them enemies of men and freedom.

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  • David Cooke

    You’re gonna need a lot better blurb than THAT to get me to listen to you explaining how you don’t understand Marxism.

  • Peter

    Matt, thanks, but please INCREASE the VOLUME !!

  • Stefan Molyneux

    Hi everybody! This is Stefan Molyneux with Free Domain Radio, hope you’re doing well. I encourage you to send me d’nations.

    Today I bring you, THE TRUTH! Of the Cult of Barbarossa.

    As everyone knows, like all cult leaders, the real reason Barbarossa started his cult is so he could have access to the female relatives of the cult followers. This is often the result of people with Hispanic lineage and Marxist inclinations. They are completely unable to control their sexual urges and must latch onto something that will either give them some ability to control themselves, be it an ideology that espouses celibacy, or they will find some outlet, such as compulsive masturbation, learning how to identify and approach those who can offer sex the quickest, or becoming rapists, often targeting children, as they are weaker and can be easily subdued.

    Barbarossa is the kind of personality that would often be condemned to a SEXLESS HELL in a sane society. However, due to the narcissism evident in our late-stage, declining civilization, even someone who should die a sexless loser can build a cult via the internet, and attract others like him, thus offering some path to sexual fulfillment, and unfortunately, possible reproduction.

  • CrazyCauckz

    BarBararossa is pimping out your mom.

  • CrazyCauckz

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you think about it when you get married you need a marriage licience. Usually the state or province gets a large chunk of that license fee. That allows the government to grow and when there’s more money for the government. In fact buy getting married you are support the state and make it grow larger.
    At least MGTOW thing about these issues. The founders got it wrong that’s for sure if the main goal is to try to make a smaller government. Also when one marries they usually spend money on the wedding, usually taxes are paid. Wedding don’t come cheap and you actually increase the size of the government.

  • Stefan Molyneux

    My mother was an EVIL harpy who divorced my father and put him through one hell of a ringer with the child support and alimony laws. She, and my whore ex-wife are a couple of the many reasons I became a Men’s Rights Activist. If Bar Bar wants to pimp that out, he can. Not like she hasn’t already done it all for free.

  • CrazyCauckz

    No worries there’s always a chance your daughter will be pimped out when she turns 18. Remember it’s hook up culture.

  • Stefan Molyneux

    I’m sure that insult made you feel better about your loser VGTOW life.

  • Andrew Stallard


    You impersonate Stefan Molyneux on the internet and if your disqus account is any guide you spend an inordinate amount of time doing this.

    Are you sure you’re not the VGTOW? I can’t imagine anybody else would have the time or inclination.

  • Stefan Molyneux

    Can’t hear you over the sound of pussy you can’t get.

  • CrazyCauckz

    Silly that’s not an insult that’s a fact. Girls these days have casual sex like it’s nothing. Why do you think men rather have just have sex then dating?VGTOW? LOL Yeah sure if makes you feel any better old man. I know your wife is fucking some other guy. I should check if she’s on Ashley Madison.

  • CrazyCauckz

    LOL It’s him. HIs neighbour talks shit about him. I live in the GTA and there’s a word going around his wife is fucking another guy. I guess he’s no longer an alpha male, besides he’s a stay home dad. Most women consider him a loser because he can’t get a real job. He makes money from brain washing children and ruining their lives.

    If I was him I would more worried about the Syrian refugees which are actually ISIS. Shootings will happen like you wouldn’t believe.

  • Stefan Molyneux

    You should check out Ashley Madison. It turns out that all the people on there were men.