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Iowa Campaign Dispatch, Day 11: Did Microsoft Commit Voter Fraud for Marco Rubio?

I kicked off February 1st—the day of the Iowa caucuses—by sojourning to Drake University for a Chris Christie town hall. The event was unremarkable, save for Christie getting into a sweaty, angry argument with someone in the audience over Donald Trump:

The real action was later that night, as Iowans headed to the polls to caucus for the candidate of their choice. In an upset that shocked even me, Ted Cruz edged out Donald Trump for the number one spot, while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were locked in a statistical dead heat. Karl Ushanka and I went to Hillary’s rally at Drake hoping to witness her break down after having the presidential nomination stolen from her again, but alas, our schadenfreude was not to be:

The real story is how Microsoft and the RNC may have colluded to commit voter fraud on Marco Rubio’s behalf, pushing him into a close third behind Trump. In this final wrap-up video, I discuss the fraud allegations as well as my thoughts on the Democratic results:

My written report on the Chris Christie town hall is up here, and my analysis of the caucus results—as well as the potential voter fraud in the Republican caucus—is up at Return of Kings.

I’ve had an exhilarating, stressful and exciting time in Iowa, doing real journalism and uncovering the real story behind the presidential campaign. While it’s taken a lot out of me—I’ve been getting an average of 3-4 hours of sleep a night, for example—I’ve had a lot of fun on the campaign trail. I’ve never done a project like this before, but I believe that my coverage of the Iowa caucuses speaks for itself.

I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible:

  • Roosh Valizadeh and Daniel Friberg, who published my dispatched at their sites Return of Kings and Right On, respectively.
  • My editors Winston Smith (Return of Kings), John Morgan, Tor Westman, and Ann Sterzinger (Right On).
  • Karl Ushanka, who provided logistical and moral support for the last couple days of the campaign.
  • My donors, who helped me cover the Iowa caucuses for the measly sum of $1,000 when mainstream media organizations waste ten times that amount on inferior, garbage reporting.

But most of all, I’d like to thank all my readers. My dispatches on the Iowa caucuses have gotten so much traffic—and I’ve gotten so much positive feedback—that I will definitely be embarking on more journalistic endeavors like this in the future.

If you haven’t read my articles on the Iowa campaign, check ’em out below:

You can watch my video logs below:

By the time you read this, I’ll be back in Chicago, trying to avoid a massive snowstorm heading through Iowa and Missouri. I have a podcast going up tomorrow morning, but otherwise I plan on taking it easy for the next few days. Stick with me, because things are only going to get bigger and better.

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  • You did a good job Matt on all of this. I’m impressed by your coverage and it had more substance than anything the mainstream press was releasing.

  • Mavis Johnson


  • michaelsavell

    I think the “polls “were so far out that an explanation is called for.It is a sad state of affairs for a country
    which was proud of it’s fairness and it’s law(even if the english did have a lot to do with it)that nobody really knows which candidate won even though the results have been declared.
    I learned a little maxim in my 80 years and that is a law ,it is called “hutbers law” and easy to remember,it says PROGRESS MEANS DETERIORATION and boy,have I found that right,all my life.

  • evilwhitemalempire

    If Cruz wins the nomination for the Rep party then the system is probably rigged.
    If Rubio wins it the system is definitely rigged.

  • Darren Weldon

    Rubio only won 5 districts out of the entire state yet gets 23%??? Trump and Cruz won everywhere else. And it was in those 5 districts where there were massive complaints about disorganization and denial of registration due to the people in charge “running out” of forms.

  • RR5

    Great job on your reporting. I’m suspicious too, but hopefully primaries will be harder to corrupt, and easier for Trump supporters to show their support in.

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