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Mike Enoch, the Right Stuff and Leadership

As you all already know, this past weekend, Mike Enoch, Bulbasaur and most of the other personalities at The Right Stuff were doxed by antifas and /pol/. The revelation that Enoch, a man who made jokes about gassing Jews, bragged about being a super alpha male and railed against “degeneracy,” was married to a Jewish fag hag who kept his balls in her purse (as evidenced by the fact that she’s separating from him) has sent shockwaves through the alt-right. “We’ve been betrayed! Lied to! HOW COULD MIKE DO THIS TO US???!!1”

For me, though, the TRS drama is a sad case of deja vu.

I’ll avoid rehashing drama in this article, though I will say that I knew Mike Enoch’s real identity—and the fact that his wife was Jewish—long before the rest of you. I was one of the original members of The Right Stuff’s Facebook group and one of the founding members of the blog back in 2012; indeed, I helped co-admin the site early on. Enoch being an obese slob with a Jewish wife never bothered me, and I stopped actively following TRS when I left in 2013, so I had no reason to care what he or the Death Panel did.

Unfortunately for Enoch, he chose to cater his site to teenage autists who did care.

I’ve seen this movie already. I saw it back in 2013, when an angry commenter by the name of Mark Minter tore the manosphere apart. Old-timers will remember when Minter started commenting on Chateau Heartiste, Return of Kings and other manosphere blogs five years ago, leaving book-length comments on the evils of marriage to accolades from the peanut gallery. Then a year later, he announced that he was getting married… to a single mother in her thirties. Then it was discovered that he was a broke loser who lived in his sister’s spare room and owed thousands of dollars in back taxes to the IRS.

All of this information was quite literally sitting in plain view, but not one single person bothered to do a Google search on his name before it was too late.

The same clowns who deified Minter when he showed up in the scene were the first to fling him under the bus when the truth came out. Hell hath no fury like a scorned cultist. For that matter, Minter himself once threatened to hunt me down and kick my ass after I made fun of his groupie fiancee, despite the fact that he’s an arthritic old man in his sixties.

It’s the same with Mike Enoch and The Right Stuff. Enoch and his cohorts constructed an elaborate fantasy in which they were badass Nazis flinging Jews into ovens, siccing their retard troll army on anyone who wasn’t down with the dumbest, most Aspie brand of right-wing racial politics. In particular, TRS has attacked me for years, accusing me of being an “entryist” even though I’ve been involved with the alt-right since 2009 (through my old site In Mala Fide), back when Enoch was still arguing online about how road maintenance would work in a libertarian utopia in between going to drag shows with his (((wife))).

I never took The Right Stuff seriously because, having been part of their group when it began, I knew what frauds, cucks and backstabbing drama queens they were. Now the entire world knows what I know, and their cards are getting punched. Make no mistake: I’m not happy about Enoch, Bulbasaur et al. getting doxed and other TRS podcasters such as Fash the Nation throwing in the towel because it’s a significant blow to the alt-right. But TRS has built up so much bad blood over the years that it’s impossible to feel sorry for them.

Watching the same teenage virgins who hated me for banging non-white women trying to rationalize their guru literally sleeping with the enemy is high fucking entertainment.

I’m starting to notice a pattern here: movements getting derailed and destroyed by LARPers and the chromosome-deficient cultists who worship them. It’s easy to sell bullshit to a potato farmer, and it’s equally easy to sell online fantasies to lifelong losers looking to escape their pathetic lives. The problem is when these charlatans insert themselves into adult movements and people start taking them seriously.

With that in mind, I’ve formulated a set of principles on how to go about your business in the alt-right, or any other movement for that matter.

1. All leaders should be open with their identity.

Leaders need to be public personalities so they can be held accountable for their words and actions. Ideally, leaders use both their real name and their picture; using a publically identifiable pen name with your picture (ex. Roosh, Millennial Woes) is also acceptable. No anons, ever. If you’re anonymous, you can still contribute as a thinker and entertainer, but you can’t be a leader.

2. Leaders must have real-life experience.

No one should be taken seriously as a leader unless they’ve done at least three of the following things, and preferably more:

  • Gotten in a street fight.
  • Lived abroad in a country outside of North America, western Europe or Australasia (aka a place where you need street smarts and toughness to survive).
  • Lost their virginity.
  • Gotten married and had children.
  • Know how to use firearms.
  • Participated in a street activist organization (aka you had to leave the house and face down the enemy in public with your comrades).
  • Held a real, private sector job, are self-employed or run some kind of business.

In other words, no teenage autists and no middle-aged LARPers. Get your own life in order before you try and serve as an example to others.

3. All anons must have a Plan B in the event that they are doxed.

On a long enough timeline, everyone on the Internet will be doxed. The chances that you will be outed increase as you become more popular. In fact, I actually dedicated a chapter of my book Confessions of an Online Hustler on maintaining your online anonymity. Much in the same way that it’s impossible to build a hack-proof computer system, it’s impossible to remain anonymous indefinitely, particularly if you’re looking to have any kind of impact. Therefore, all anonymous writers should prepare in the following ways:

  • Scrub all connections between your handle and your real life identity.
  • Have enough savings so you can survive an extended period of unemployment in the event you are fired for your views.
  • Monetize your online presence so that you can either become financially independent or have a side income in the event you are fired for your views.
  • Be able to defend yourself and your loved ones in the event you come under physical threat.

There’s simply no excuse to be unprepared, given that the left is constantly breathing down our necks, cataloguing everything we do and threatening physical violence against us. TRS was unprepared for being doxed, and they completely cucked out in response. Don’t be like TRS.

4. “No enemies to the right” is not an eternal copout for bad behavior.

The anime Nazis term every inter-movement criticism as “punching right,” even when the disagreement has nothing to do with politics, and even when TRS spent its entire existence punching right, left, up, down and at everyone who wasn’t in lockstep with them. If an individual or group is acting dishonorably or idiotically, you have an obligation to call them out, privately if possible, publicly if not.

However, distancing and disavowals should only be done in the instance of an individual/group exhibiting a long-term pattern of undesirable/untrustworthy behavior. Give men a chance to right their wrongs, and only separate yourself when they refuse to repent.

5. Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not.

Maintain your rhetoric in line with who you actually are and don’t write checks your ass can’t cash. Don’t front and pretend to be cooler than you are in real life. Also known as the “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST FUCKING SAY ABOUT ME, YOU LITTLE BITCH” rule.

This applies more to anonymous figures than to public ones, since it’s nearly impossible to front when everyone knows who you are.

6. Omertà.

Never share private info about others in the movement with enemies or even neutrals. Anyone who breaks this rule and sells out his comrades should be dealt with as swiftly and painfully as possible (you know who you are).

Feel free to offer your own suggestions for this list.

The tragic fall of The Right Stuff should be a lesson in how shit-talking from behind the safety of a pseudonym can and will bite you in the ass if you’re not careful. TRS cultivated a high school clique mentality in its autistic readers, deliberately seeking out the worst parts of the right and training them to be even worse. Stripped of their anonymity, Enoch and his trap-loving acolytes are seen for who they really are: pathetic frauds play-acting at revolution.

Be real or go home.

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  • David Hollizzle

    Ah yes, it’s all a gay israel mafia eh Forney? You really arent someone to talk about getting your own life in order before being a role model (Mike never claimed he was, he certainly doesnt make a living off of giving PUA advice).

    5 years ago you wrote about needing to lose 50 pounds. You have not lost that weight. Mike at least did slim down a bit since the time the dox pictures were from.

  • Does Enoch pay you more for anal?

  • Scotcho Rouleau

    I think it’s more complex than the article states. Nevertheless I agree with much of what Forney says. Firstly, as a 47 yr old man, if I have to be anonymous, if I have to hide behind a pseudonym, then it means I haven’t grown up. This is the hard lesson TRS is learning right now.

    On the other hand, I found TRS wildly entertaining. These guys aren’t going away, and they shouldn’t. They can save their dignity and their self respect. All they have to do is take ownership. Blog under their real names and face the music. If they can do that, they will have salvaged their reputation.

  • David Hollizzle

    Copying Rick Wilson is bad.

  • Your comment was dumb, so I gave you a dumb response.

    Face the facts: Enoch is a fraud, as is TRS in general. He’s completely indefensible, right down to when he begged Salon to save him from his own “neo-Nazi” followers.

    BTW, have you noticed that no one from TRS, including Enoch, is involved with, the new flagship of the alt-right? There’s a reason for this.

    Enoch’s biggest defender right now is Greg “Intolerance of Homosexuality is Jewish” Johnson. That should tell you just what everyone else of importance in the alt-right thinks about TRS.

  • Ryan McMahon

    We all know you fail at the street fighter point.

  • Ryan McMahon

    You were never important to TRS. Aurini was only marginally relevant and you were riding his dick.

  • 1. Then he shouldn’t have catered to an audience that hinged their loyalty on who he was married to.

    2. You should tell Enoch that. He called TRS “neo-Nazi” when he desperately pleaded with Salon to help him lie to his own readers:

    “The TRS creator then asked Salon to help him deny that he was Enoch: “If you give any fucks at all then you could print that this is all bullshit. We are now being harassed not only by communists but by actual neo nazis.””

    But I’m sure you already have a rationalization for Enoch trying to throw his own readership under the bus to save himself, like you rationalize everything else he does.

    3. Considering that TRS feuds with everyone for the dumbest of reasons, they’re the last people who should be whining about others “punching right.” Case in point: they went after me during Heilgate, even though I was defending them and NPI and I heavily criticized Cernovich for accusing Spencer of being a fed, solely because I didn’t spaz out and call Cernovich a cuck in the process. Why should I defend a group of people who get angry at me when I do so?

    4. Enoch has a history of dishonesty and lying. He had no problem straight-up lying to my face at AmRen 2015, claiming he wanted to end the feud we’d had since 2013, then reneging as soon as he got home and he didn’t have to worry about running into me. If a man’s word is his bond, Enoch proved that day that his word means nothing.

    This is my last reply to you. If you want to go down with the RMS Right Stuff, be my guest. Personally, I enjoy breathing.

  • lol, I was in part responsible for the site’s early notoriety, because Colin Liddell offered to repost my TRS articles at Alternative Right. Prior to that TRS got maybe 50 hits a day.

    “Riding [Aurini’s] dick”? Quite rich considering you’ve spent the past four years obsessed with where he puts his dick. Then again, knowing what your wives look like, I’d be jealous of Aurini too.

  • Ryan McMahon

    You wrote like one article.

  • Four articles, actually. And again, nobody cared about TRS or knew it even existed before Colin Liddell republished one of my TRS articles at AltRight:

    Keep lying, though. Enoch taught you well.

  • Rhyme Or Reason

    This comment section is a hoot. The most pathetic part is Enoch cowering before Salon’s inquiry, fearing the wrath of his own fans.

    What a pathetic loser he is, as well as the rest of the TRS crew.

  • HighFlyer

    There was a styxhenhammer video that covers a lot of the precedent for how Enoch types are just Leftist plants with a long game of discrediting nationalism in general by Nazi Larping. If Enoch was definitely an instigator of the Roman Salute at NPI, then his v likely a moron or saboteur. RS would have sidelined him if he had any long term savvy. Maybe RS is just too bullheaded to be smart. He just wants to go down in a blaze of stubborn glory rather than ‘Disavow’. The truth is you don’t need to grandstand in some cringeworthy disavowal. You just need to recognize error, discuss, learn, move on.

  • HighFlyer

    General agreement that Alt Right people need to take better care of themselves. The mainstream habits of fast food nation are designed to make you junk food addict zombies. Before you present yourself as a spokesperson, show that you have a habit of self control, self awareness.

  • I honestly thought that some of the commenters at TRS were paid infiltrators. Enoch, while possibly being “red pilled” late into his marriage and actually believing some of the Nazish stuff he was spouting, is another example of someone who is an internet posing tough guy.

    Anonymity can be necessary for some people, but it really means we can’t completely trust you. When people’s true identities come out, that’s when the true tests of character and behavior are revealed. Often their either leave their “movements”, actually are paid shills, or are it turns out they are posing.

    Even in our own spheres, I see people writing anonymously about things they haven’t actually lived or experience. For instance there have been articles on ROK about raising sons from men who aren’t fathers or about marriage who aren’t married. I understand the good intentions, but if people are going to talk the talk to the rest of us, they better be walking down it hard.

    These people latch on – maybe they finally feel at home – but they damage the credibility of the rest of us. When you call it out, they punch right and they keep punching. You get labeled cuck, beta, etc. by anonymous super alpha dudes from the RedPillReddit. It’s amusing.

  • Ryan Faulk

    Don’t give any money to this site.

  • Anonymous Commenter

    I was one of the original members of The Right Stuff’s Facebook group and one of the founding members of the blog back in 2012;

    easily the most damaging thing anyone, including antifa, has alleged re: TRS

  • Sean Fielding

    Genes are a bitch. No one on the Alt Right has shown more character in dealing with what nature handed out than you, Matt, but still you get these shitty comments on an article that only implies what you could’ve stated explicitly: compared to your journey, what poor character Peinovich displayed in trying to cuck to Salon (to his credit however, he admitted that). And compared to your self-control in not seriously running down TRS over the last two years.
    BTW, there is no neg intended here. I’m older than you, have more conventional ‘success’ than you (so far – I think Matt Forney is far more likely to own a share of undying fame than pseudonymous Sean Fielding), but I have come to admire your courage, tenacity and energy.
    I grew up with a single mom like you, and I know well what a cultural wasteland your part of upstate NY is, but in the end, it’s all at least 70% genetic. Single moms are single for partly genetic reasons to do with the personalities of mother and father. Weight and height and hair and looks and willingness to get in street fights is largely genetic. People who stay in shitty parts of the country do so partly because of genetic personality factors. You didn’t stay – you’ve shown Aryan adventurous spirit.
    All we can do is make the best of what we’ve got – the 30%. Keep kicking against the pricks, Matt.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    I hate how this all went down. I like TRS. Hell, I even went to the TRS convention. Mike E seemed alright IRL. But still… I been around since damn near the beginning of TRS and I can’t say I blame you. I saw the way you were treated, and it did disgust me. Keep in mind, I’m one of Roosh’s defenders in the TRS forums as well. I just hope that Enoch and crew learned a lesson from this, and will be able to move on and set things right.

    I still support them and hope that shit can get fixed.

    Also, I gotta bantz you. Dude, do you even lift? Come on, bro! You gotta lift, bruh!

    But keep up the good work.

  • Doctor Mayhem


  • Baltsaros Hecatomb

    First thing that comes up on youtube autofill when you search for Matt Forney is “runs away”

  • Baltsaros Hecatomb

    Ol’ crazy legs, he’ll never forgive them for making fun of his love of asian sex tourism.