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How Violent Leftists Shut Down Milo Yiannopoulos’ Speech at DePaul University in Chicago


UPDATE: The fat leftist who attacked me has been identified as DePaul student and Feministing contributor Katie O’Reilly. Click here to learn more about her.

Last night, me and my friends went to see Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos give a speech at DePaul University here in Chicago. Unfortunately, in a low-energy repeat of what happened to Donald Trump in March, a gang of violent Marxists invaded the venue and shut it down, forcing Milo to flee for his life. Not only that, both the DePaul security guards (whom the university had forced the event organizers to pay an extra $1,000 for) and Chicago police officers on the scene did nothing.

Even worse, not only were the protesters physically attacking Milo’s fans, I was assaulted by a fat chick who tried to steal my phone.

We showed up to DePaul’s student center around 6pm for the speech. While things proceeded swimmingly initially, 15 minutes into Milo’s speech, a pair of #BlackLivesMatter agitators stormed the stage and snatched the mics away. For the next half-hour, they heckled the audience, blew whistles, and chanted “FEEL THE BERN!” and “DUMP THE TRUMP!” while security and police sat off to the side with their dicks in hand. One of them even threatened to attack Milo after he joked about hitting on him:

After failing to get the protesters to leave, Milo announced that we would be heading over to the president’s office to demand that he do something about them. We filed out of the building—surrounded by more leftists—and headed east, with Milo directing us. On the way, I witnessed a white protester and his buddies physically attack a Milo supporter:

Not long after, a fat SJW (UPDATE: since identified as DePaul student Katie O’Reilly) rushed me and tried to steal my phone after I jokingly told her she needed to lose some weight:

(Click here for the source video for the second clip in the above video.)

After we reached the next building over, Milo vanished. We later found out that he’d tried to get back into the venue where we were holding the speech, was denied, then slipped away in a car out of fear for his safety. Afterwards, we left to go eat dinner.

I recorded a wrap-up video discussing the day’s events here:

My written account of what happened will be up at Return of Kings soon.

Additionally, today is the deadline for my fundraiser to cover the California presidential primary. I needed $2,500 in order to cover the Democratic primary; as of today, I only have $288. Because I’m severely under-budget, I won’t be able to do the project, and I’ll be contacting donors soon asking them if they want refunds (I only accept donations if they can be used for my independent reporting in some fashion).

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  • evilwhitemalempire

    The silent majority is watching is all I can say.

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  • Edwin Oslan

    Holy crap, bro. This sounds like punk rock circa 1980. Next time Milo, Lauren Southern or anybody cool go somewhere, I gotta go. I wanna go where the action is!

  • That fat chick calling you rapist… just wow. The first video does not work for me.

  • Correction. Works now. Too bad you were so far behind. Hard to recognize anything. But yeah… their aggressive euphoria speaks for itself.

  • Justin Thompson

    I bet one of the protesters was that loser bannedbymotherjones that’s been trolling your site

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  • TK

    Matt Forney just called someone fat. Self-awareness, thy name is not Matt Forney.

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  • Justin Thompson

    Lol so your wife is a 400 lb landwhale. Haha Haha

    Trump 2016! Hope he sends every fatty in this country to Africa. I’m so sick of seeing pigs everywhere

  • Anonymous

    Hey Matt, you might want to look into this. DePaul covered some kind of crime committed by a student athlete. Maybe this is something for Wesearcher to cover :)

  • jesusvegdotcom

    Pardon my ignorance but why is a gay dude popular with right wing people? I’m so confused

  • jesusvegdotcom

    I think TK was saying Matt is fat. Is he? He looks different in all of his pics

  • vernon

    Because he is a good speaker, good presenter, religous with conservative values with a provocateur personality. He is gay, but not a gay lifestyle advocate, did not support gay marriage for example.
    Because he is gay, he is somewhat immune to certain style of attacks from the left. Interesting guy.

  • Robby Bell

    What a fat fucking ugly cow !! Katie O’Reilly… The whitest white girl name that ever was, first one to label everyone else a racist. Chances are she’s from Chicagoan south side neighborhoods like Beverly or the sw suburbs like oak lawn / palos / orland

  • Robby Bell

    Katie is Josie Grossie

  • jgok

    Why do you assume that right wing people would not support a gay person? I’m confused as to why the left wing people are so opposed to a gay person.

  • jesusvegdotcom

    Oh there’s plenty of people on the left who hate gays, blacks, etc. Generally speaking the man-o-sphere is pro-family values – man as head with wife by his side. Homosexuality tends to throw a monkey wrench in this.