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Does Having Money Help You Get Laid?


This is a guest post by the Captain Power.

I’ve noticed that when some men are very insecure about their game, they start to go overboard with making money. Don’t get me wrong, increased social status can help you get laid, and it should be encouraged. But to be honest, it really doesn’t mean anything. A cool guy who DJs on the weekend and lives in his parents basement can get laid ten times more than a Harvard Law graduate or a Goldman Sachs trader.

Money helps, but nothing will trump game.

I am a middle class American, 33 years old, with a net worth of $200-250K. I am going to TRY to become a millionaire, but if it doesn’t happen for me I will still be content with my life.

So where do I think money helps and where does it not?

Doesn’t Help

  • Car: Nobody gives two shits about your car. Only buy an expensive car if you can really afford it. I’ve lived in Brooklyn my entire life, and I think I’ve taken my car to Manhattan maybe three times. The women don’t ask, and nobody gives a shit.
  • Watch: Again, if you can afford a nice watch, go ahead and buy one, but women don’t give a shit. They will be more attracted to your “gold” iPhone than your watch. I don’t even wear a watch because a) I always lose them and b) I grew up during a time in NYC when crime was really bad. I never really notice anyone’s watch at night anyway.
  • Cologne: Cologne blocks the smell of your natural pheromones. Take a shower and wear some deodorant or (cough cough) baking soda. Just like two dogs smelling each others’ asses, women can smell a strong, fertile man.
  • Underwear: I’m been going commando a lot recently, especially in the summer. Just make sure they aren’t white, and wear whatever brand you want. When I get naked in front of a woman I usually drop my pants and underwear at the same time anyway.

Does Help

  • Shoes: Women will notice a nice pair of shoes. It’s not a deal breaker, but a nice pair of shoes could help.
  • Apartment: Doesn’t mean much for a one-night stand, but if you want repeat sex it helps a lot to have a clean, adult-looking apartment in a central location.
  • Drugs: Personally I do not use ’em, but this will get you laid like a boss. You won’t attract your future wife, but you will get some attention from girls.
  • Beach House: I lost my virginity at my parents’ beach house. Women will never say no to a free beach house on the Jersey shore. One day I need to buy my own.
  • Vacation: Once again, just like the beach house, a women will never say no to a free vacation. Want to come skiing with me in Vermont? How about some dick?
  • Clothes: Nice looking clothes help, unless you are going for hipsters.

In conclusion, money does help, but nothing will ever trump game. So don’t let your desire of money distract you from working out, approaching, and closing the deal.

The Captain Power blogs at Captain Power’s Underground Training SiteAlso check out his book Work Out, Lose Weight and Stop Being Single.

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  • This is a pretty good list.

    Although having a car can help you if you live in a spread out urban area with low quality public transit.
    Recently i started driving again, just a commuter car, nothing special.
    The amount of girls that ask me for rides is kinda crazy but it is easily parlayed into road head or parking lot bj’s from slutty Muslim girls in head scarfs on their lunch break at wal-mart.

    You don’t need money to get laid unless you go P4P route, but money does buy access to high quality women and you have the means to act how you like instead of worrying you’ll offend someone.

  • Free alcohol is another one i could add..

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  • You need money for logistics. Like, living in or near a major city costs money.

  • 66Scorpio


  • money help[s a lot whether you admit it or not