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What Would Your Mother Say? What Would Your Father Do?

A feminist troll left this remark on one of my posts last week:

You’re idea of feminism couldn’t be more off base. I’m sure your mother would be thrilled to read this.

This is a common refrain leveled at anti-feminists: “What would your mother/sister/female relatives think?” The idea, of course, is that the opinions of women are just so sacrosanct and inviolable that we simply can’t run afoul of them in any way. No one’s ever asked me what my father thinks about what I write; despite him having an equal hand in raising me, having a Y chromosome apparently makes his opinions worth jack shit. I’m also pretty sure no feminist has ever been asked, “What would your father think?” whenever she said something blatantly misandrist.

Do any of these girls realize just how pathetic this is?

When some airhead snottily comments, “I’m sure your mother would be thrilled to read this,” what she’s implying is that despite being a grown man living on my own, I should still be cowering in fear of my mom like a little boy. At what point am I allowed to say, “Why should I give a shit what my mom thinks? Is she going to make me stand in the corner for being a wiseass?” Why do my mom and sisters get unlimited moral veto power over what I say and do, even when I’m half a world away from home? Why should I have to constantly check myself to ensure that women related to me don’t turn their noses up in disapproval?

Guys, whenever someone asks you, “What would your mother say?” in response to your shamelessly masculine lifestyle and truth-telling, your response should be, “Who cares?”

And here’s the final joke: my mom does, in fact, read my blog, as do my sisters and dad. No, I’m not telling you what they think about it, because it’s none of your fucking business.

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