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Murdering Black Mobs Come to Syracuse, Local Media and City Officials Run Interference for Them

michael-danielsI try not to do current events blogging because it’s boring and superfluous. The world doesn’t need another self-important keyboard warrior writing deep thoughts about something that some politician said or some other news story that people will forget next week. Nonetheless, I have to write about this story because I have local expertise that other bloggers in this part of the Internet don’t:

Syracuse, NY — Authorities have charged two teenagers in the May 23 attack and subsequent death of a 51-year-old Syracuse man outside a South Side market.

A 13-year-old and a 15-year-old have each been charged with first-degree manslaughter in the killing of Michael Daniels, Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler and Mayor Stephanie Miner said at a news conference Thursday night.

Daniels was standing alone outside Los Amigos Market at the corner of Cannon Street and West Brighton Avenue around 9:40 p.m. on May 23 when when he was attacked by a group of teenagers. Police said the teens repeatedly punched Daniels and then kicked him in the head while he was on the ground.

He died a day later at Upstate University Hospital.

Fowler said the two teens were taking part in “Knockout,” a game in which people randomly target someone on the street and try to knock the person out by punching them.

Don’t you just love the mainstream media, how effortlessly they omit and contort stories that don’t fit their prefab worldview? I grew up in Syracuse, so I can provide a local perspective on this.

Here are the facts, for those of you keeping score:

  1. These “teenagers” were black. Whenever a news story fails to mention the race of the perp, it’s because they’re either black or Latino. This attack happened in the South Side, a run-down, primarily black ghetto where convenience store owners have to put bars on their windows to deter theft and the only booming businesses are pawn shops and payday loan sharks. Put two and two together.
  2. The man they killed, Michael Daniels, was white.
  3. These black teenagers were playing Knockout King, a game where you go around finding white people to beat up and put in the hospital. It’s also called “polar bear hunting,” and you can figure out why.
  4. There are literally hundreds of documented cases across the U.S. in the past 5-6 years of black teenagers swarming on hapless white people and putting them in the hospital for kicks, sometimes even killing them. Ex: Carter Strange.

Additionally, as commenters at the Post-Standard pointed out, the story’s author, Ken Sturtz, omitted the graphic details of what these “teenagers” did to Daniels. They didn’t just beat him to death, they popped his eyeball out of its socket and laughed about it.

Let’s get one thing clear to Chief Fowler and Mayor Miner: what these black kids did is not manslaughter, it is murder. They were playing a game that involves physically assaulting other people, which is the definition of premeditation. Sitting around laughing at how you beat a man so severely that you knocked his eyeball out of its socket is the exact definition of a depraved-heart homicide, which constitutes second-degree murder in the U.S.

More importantly, what these kids did was a hate crime.

These black kids specifically went out of their way to attack a white man solely for being white. Every single documented case of Knockout King/polar bear hunting, from Chicago to Philadelphia, has shown the exact same pattern: blacks going out of their way to beat up, maim, injure and kill whites. If two white teenagers from DeWitt or Skaneateles had beaten and killed a black man, Miner and Fowler wouldn’t hesitate to charge them with a hate crime.

But because the colors are reversed, they and the Post-Standard are covering up what was effectively a lynching.

This comment by Fowler is the most disgusting of them all:

“A man lost his life because a group of young people decided to play this very dangerous game,” Fowler said.

Is this guy insane? You’d think he was talking about some kids planking on a railroad track or chugging vodka in their parents’ basements. These monsters headed out the door specifically to hurt and kill someone, and this is all you have to say?

I am nobody of importance, but I can’t say silent on this. If the hacks at the Post-Standard and in the Syracuse PD aren’t willing to do their jobs on their own, we have to shame them into it.

The city of Syracuse must charge these vicious killers with both murder and a hate crime, and the Post-Standard’s reporters need to stop hiding the facts of the case out of fear of being called “racist.” And if Mayor Miner and Chief Fowler are too cowardly to do their jobs, the Onondaga County DA needs to step in and do it for them.

And I don’t want to hear anyone making excuses for these little scumbags. I don’t want to read leftist hacks from Syracuse University writing guest editorials on how America’s “institutional racism” or “lack of educational opportunities” led these kids to murder this guy. I don’t care how poor or marginalized you are, there is no justification for seeking out someone at random and beating them to death. None. 

I especially don’t want to hear Fowler blaming these attacks on “boredom.” When I was a kid and I was bored, I went outside to play, played video games, or read a book. Gang-swarming on some poor stranger and putting him in the hospital never crossed my mind, and anyone who would do that for fun is a sociopath with no place in civilized society.

These “teens” beat Michael Daniels to death for one reason and one reason only: they hate white people.

They’ve been told to hate whites since they were old enough to comprehend words. They’ve been told by their mothers, their teachers, their role models that whites are oppressing them, stealing from them, and are responsible for all the misery in their lives. Is it any wonder that blacks across America are beating up and abusing whites like this? You want to talk about “institutional racism?” Let’s talk about the institutions that tell poor blacks that stomping random white people to death is socially acceptable.

Again, I’m not an important person, but I’m not keeping my mouth shut on a disgusting story like this.

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  • John

    Now that’s change we can believe in, and luckily we’re moving forward.

  • Retrenched

    Notice how this happens in blue states and cities, where the people are disarmed and defenseless.

  • Let’s be clear about one thing: we didn’t start this shit.

    Our ancestors traveled to Africa, a place where they didn’t have fire or the wheel and child sacrifice was as common as the pointless tribal warfare, and we brought them civilization. For every “crime” we committed (as judged by modern eyes) we gave a hundred boons, and “slavery” in North America was an attempt to gradually integrate blacks into European society, to eventually raise them up as equals.

    It was not “Conan the Barbarian” style slavery; let alone something as cruel as what occurred in the Arab world.

    The balloon’s going up one of these days; and when it does, it won’t have been the white race driving it.

  • Matt, I will write about this and probably do a video. Any other ideas on how to spread awareness of the race reality of these events?

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  • Doc: That’s enough. Word of mouth will do the trick alone.

  • I feel like we should do something for the poor man’s family. Maybe just bringing him Justice will be enough, eh?

  • Thanks for writing about this Forney, I had no idea this was happening so frequently.

  • Theodore Logan

    Such is life in this feminist multicultural shit hole world. White men and boys can only be shit on so many times until they… you already know the answer. A possible solution I offer is read Jack Donavan’s Way Of Men, find at least three other guys to form your fire team/ sleeper cell and start building your own tribe from there, basically remaking the world in your image. The only way to make real change is to step up to the plate, take matters into your own hands and use whatever force necessary, as force is the only language universally understood.

  • Theodore Logan
  • When is this ignorant shit is going to stop? I remember some beat downs i got just because some black guys thought i was white. I even caught a 2 by 4 across my back while fighting off these monkeys. As much as i try to wonder why they do this i came to the conclusion that thats the way they are. I have realized the reason why white folks do not want to have nothing to do with them. Hell I do not want to have anything to do with them as well i even stay away from my own race because they do not know how to act.

    They want to be respected but then they pull this shit then they wonder why most of them are in prison or even shot dead in the street. That “Woe is me!” bullshit card they like to play when a person from another race defends himself and killed one. They do marches and call the NAACP for help even get the President to cry on national TV.

    Those fuckers need to be put in a cage and left to die. To kill someone just for fun goes to show what little respect these people have for anyone or even themselves. This also goes for those ignorant Latinos that run around thinking and acting like them.

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  • Alex

    All too typical. And for the record, Muslims from North Africa started the slavery thing between blacks and whites with their coastal raids on Europe as far north as Ireland. It’s what started the Crusades, tho’ you won’t hear that in the Newthink public schools.

  • It is wrong to refer to this as a game, VERY wrong. It is a crime. And it is murder, and it is PRE-MEDITATED murder which IS 1st degree murder. The fact that a 13 and 15 year old committed this 1st degree murder IS ALARMING, yet speaks to one thing more than any other: THE FAILURE OF THEIR PARENTS. The parents of this crime ought to have their property seized and auctioned and their paychecks garnished to be paid out to the victims family as long as one family member, mother, father, brother or sister lives.

    Now can we see the results of the murderous crime of abortion? Can we see the curse of it? Can we see how allowing parents to murder the fruit of the womb has TAUGHT the young who SURVIVE abortion that life has no value?

  • What disturbs me is the fact that white people think we’ll somehow never become as animalistic as black culture in the states appears to be – but we will.

    Black culture being violent and animalistic I fear isn’t a product of their race, but of their upbringing. Think about it: How many black women are single mothers? I know black guys that make father’s day jokes. How many black women are more than obese? How many black families are impoverished, and flippant with what little money they do have?

    Now you may say that all of these things are a product of their race, race realism, HBD, etc. But what if that’s only half the problem? What if the speed of their descent can be attributed to these things – but not the reason for their descent?

    Look at white culture, now: How many white women are becoming single mothers, spinsters? How many white women are becoming more than obese? How many white people are becoming lazy and increasingly comfortable with an impoverished life status? How close is white culture to acting like this?

    I think it’s a lack of money, structure, fatherhood, and familial bonds that lead to these people acting like this. The reason it appears to be a “black thing” is because the black community is simply ahead of the rest of us.

    This is the true result of leftist propaganda.

  • Clarence

    Is there anything we can do to help?

    Anyone I can write? And can you tell us where you got your local info (local paper? local cops?) so we can have a source?
    Seriously Matt, this should be a hate crime and it needs to be more widely publicized. Do you have any thoughts on how best to shame the powers that be?

    And by the way, I agree with Remy Sheppard. This is destruction of family and destruction of economic opportunity combined with leftwing reverse-racism come home to roost.

  • inspectorudy

    Look at what happens when the colors are reversed as in the Martin/Zimmerman issue. As the info slowly come out we can see that Trayvon Martin was heading for the same spot that this gang had already reached. He was an angry black teenager who hated white people. What the hell is wrong with the media? Why do they protect the Muslim atrocities and the black hate crimes on a daily basis? Who and what are they protecting? I have reached the point where I simply refuse to go where blacks have a majority in the area and at night I refuse to go there even if they are only present in large numbers. like at a big mall or a sporting event. I went to an Atlanta Falcon game and the black guy sitting in front of my guest sat on his seat back the entire game. When I asked him to please sit in his seat he told me that the lady with me could stand up and he said it with “Just try me” in his eyes! They have no respect for the law or white society and Obama has taught them that they need have no fear of him or his DOJ.

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  • Steve

    I agree with everything Mr. Forney writes and would also suggest the 13 yr old should be charged as an adult. The only comment I have is that the manslaughter charges will not be a slam dunk for the prosecution to get from a jury. My opinion is that the murder charge(s) would be a very low probability to get from a jury. They have to prosecute the charge(s) they believe will lead to a conviction. This technicality doesn’t excuse the perps’ behavior or the kid gloves handling by the media or law enforcement.

    The other aspect of this kind of crime that escapes me is the illusion of “street” honor or “street” respect. People of the “street” and those that defend them will allude to some common “street” code as if that code dictates behavior. God forbid if you “dis” a brother or a sister. But it’s okay for a gang to attack a senior citizen from behind. Not only is it okay, it is a notch in your belt.

    A counter-culture in society that operates with these mores presents a complex challenge to society that goes well beyond law enforcement. Intolerance and hate are not rational and I don’t see how they can be dealt with rationally. I’m glad I’m not in charge.

  • tunaman13212

    Every black kid is not raised to hate whites .Yes there is problems in the getto and they should be addressed.These little scumbags should be put in jail and through away the key.But every black kid should not be generalized like you have there are alot of good ones.

  • dancer4ever

    You fail to mention the scumbag killed was a level 3 sex offender who was convicted of raping and sodomizing a girl under 14. Karma is justice served.

  • dancer4ever: And that justifies a brutal vigilante killing? Nice sense of justice you’ve got there.

    And “karma”? Are you nuts? These black kids didn’t know this guy from Adam. He could have been anyone as far as they were concerned. They didn’t kill him because he was a rapist, they killed him because he was white. Full stop.

  • Clarence

    Apparently he had something consensual with a 14 year old , a few years ago.
    There’s two higher levels of sex crime, level two and level one, both rely on increasing degrees of force.
    This man is a statutory rapist of a teenager.
    Yes, she’s two years too young for me to feel anything but some heebie jeebies, but she isn’t and wasn’t 4 or 8, and he didn’t drug or force her.

    So no, even if those kids KNEW this wouldn’t be justified. But of course they didn’t know. This was about race , not revenge.

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  • dancer4ever

    Clarence he’s 51 probably 40 at the time. NOTHING IS CONSENSUAL when your victim is 26 years your junior and UNDER AGE. Not about race – its a game happening through the country and its not black or white kids targeting members of their opposite race its a game about who can kick the SH*T out of someone in one punch. its been happening all over the country for years. Like I said earlier – Karma. and yes Matt it is karma. and its a beautiful thing. based on your racist rantings I’d watch out for yours because I’m sure its coming to you too.

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  • BW 14

    I read thru the comments and I have a solution to one of the problems.

    Boycotting ! The news sources of America are mostly ‘progressive’ and strongly Politically Correct, which is their right in a country claiming FREE SPEECH. But when You see a news report that actively hides/distorts the truth, You can put pressure on them through their advertisers… its simple and its easy.
    Next time You are watching a news show that begins to be anti-truth. Write down every advertiser (sponsor) and email them. Tell the advertisers You and Your friends will never buy ANY of their products Until they stop supporting, the “Bigmac” news hour. …or what ever the name of the Offending source.
    When e-mailing write simply, truthfully and don’t go into long rants. I use my real name and Picture because I think the advertisers believe I will do what I say……and friends, one thing corporations will NOT tolerate is falling sales.

    Our best weapon is our withholding our wealth.
    Boycott !! and inform them WHY, You will not sponsor the sponsors of Untruth.

  • Say what you want about the late Lawrence Auster, but he did a BANG UP JOB highlighting this sort of thing for years. The last 2-3 years of his blog featured countless posts about stories like this all across the country. And, as you correctly point out to ‘Dancer4ever’, this is always about race-end of story.

  • ALEX

    To dance4ever:
    It was not about kicking the SH*T out of somebody with one punch. They continued to kick and punch him in the head AFTER he had been knocked out.
    Karma may come for you too. It’s a naive white liberal who often gets hurt by blacks.

  • Mark, Alex:

    Why are you arguing with someone who a) can’t be bothered to read the reams of articles showing the racist, anti-white nature of Knockout King and b) thinks being a “racist” is a crime worthy of death? She’s a morally bankrupt idiot.

    Speaking of which dancer4ever, how’s Liverpool these days? Since that’s where you live, after all, according to your email and IP address. According to the Census Bureau, it’s still 95% white. Meanwhile, I actually grew up in Syracuse. I wonder what your employers would think about you cheering on violent murderers… assuming you even have a job.

  • Glad to see this article blowing up; I decided to expand on my previous comment, since any mention of slavery hits the Panic Button in most American’s minds; the vast majority learned everything they know from the fictional work “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” rather than primary-source documents. This is a copy from an email I sent:

    Keep in mind that I’m looking at it in historical context.

    Slavery is just an economic arrangement, and it’s no accident that we refer to McDonalds as “wage slavery” today – it’s just as violently enforced and perpetual as historical slavery (possibly even more so, since it was easier for slaves to buy out their contracts back then), but it doesn’t provide the medical benefits and retirement package that slavery offered – not even the dignity of having useful work.

    I’m certainly not advocating that we return to it (despite the many ways in which it was superior, I still am of the opinion that it degrades both master and slave alike), but our modern perception of slavery is so utterly distorted, that voices need to call it out and point to what it ACTUALLY was historically:

    That’s a primary source, written by a critic of slavery – and it’s utterly in denial to the fictionalized narratives we were forced to read in school.

    The Africans left behind in Africa suffered from early death, cannibalism, inter-tribal warfare, child sacrifice, rape, ad fistulas. The ones in America were treated with dignity, provided for into their old age, and had Sunday-best clothing available when they went to church.

    The world is not a perfect place – and slavery is far from perfect – but it was 100X better than being a “free” person in Africa. Not to mention it was already on its way out – naturally and gradually – before that monster Lincoln waged one of the most pointless and destructive wars in history for the aggrandizement of his own ego.

    Check out that link; you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

  • Kyle

    Daniels was Native American dumbass. Good job trying to rile up some inbred WASPs though

  • alex

    He was white enough for blacks to kill.

  • alex

    I care about all non-black victims of blacks, unless it’s a white liberal.

  • Podsnap

    Mainstream press reports –

    In 1992, police in Cambridge, Mass., said three drunken teenagers decided to play “knockout” and randomly targeted an MIT student, according to news reports. After the student was knocked to the ground, a 16-year-old stabbed the victim to death as he tried to get up.

    The defendant in that case, Shon McHugh, was sentenced as a juvenile to 20 years in prison.

    In another recent case involving the “knockout game,” 20-year-old Elex Murphy was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the killing of a 72-year-old man in St. Louis.

    As you might guess Shon McHugh is white. They had to go back to 1992 to find a white perp. Then they say In another recent case involving the “knockout game,.


    Well payed, well played.


  • JJ

    The most disgusting thing the chief said was that this crime probably cost three people their lives. Mr. Daniels, who died as a result of this. And these young people who are going to have to face our criminal justice system . . .And that is going to have a lifelong effect on each one of them. Wow! When you have the local head of law enforcement say something like that, equating the problems of the murderers with what they did to the victim of their lynching, well that’s what real institutional racism looks like.

  • K(yle)

    Daniels was Native American dumbass. Good job trying to rile up some inbred WASPs though

    There was an adolescent girl that got assaulted by “teens” not far from me and it was all on the local radio news and the black witnesses described the “white girl” victim, and the perp when caught described the “white girl” he hit (smashed her face in, knocked out multiple teeth for a laugh).

    So the next day we get a picture of the victim who is a very brown skinned Indian girl. To a lot of blacks that is apparently white enough to be a “white girl”. The guy in the picture looks a hell of a lot lighter than this dark, dark skinned south Asian teenager who got her face crushed.

    There’s no way he’s full-blooded Injun, and there’s no way that his killers thought he was anything but white.


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  • Seek

    Let’s be blunt: The frequency of crimes such as these is indicative of slow-motion pogrom by blacks against whites. If you think the situation is bad now, wait until whites become a minority — something the Census Bureau projects will happen in about three decades. This isn’t just a crime problem; it’s a national security problem. We must focus on crushing black street crime with the energy as on Islamic jihad.

  • Seek

    So does that somehow make this sadistic beating death any more defensible?

  • Seek

    So what? That’s no defense. There were “good” Nazis, too. Did that make Nazism a righteous cause?

  • Seek

    Baloney. I have yet to read of a single case of a “fatherless” white teen who beat an innocent pedestrian stranger to death. It’s about race. Attempts to deracinate the issue with “conservative” Fox News/Heritage Foundation/Town Hall-style boilerplate is an evasion.

  • Me

    I wish to thank chimps and their enablers nationwide for the sudden outbreak of “Negro Fatigue” that is occurring among whites.

  • Me

    “adressed”? You mean throw more money at them and accomplish nothing. I would rather spend money building walls around every black ghetto in the U.S., forcing all of them in at gunpoint, and isolating them from humans.