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Iowa Campaign Dispatch, Day 4: My Time in the Bern Ward

Monday was a double feature for me, as I hit up both a Ben Carson town hall at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny and a Bernie Sanders rally at Iowa State University in Ames.

The Carson event was as low-key as the man himself. I showed up just as the doors opened, but Ben Carson is apparently a busy man, because he’d already started speaking by the time I got into the auditorium. The theme of the town hall was “Trust in God,” as Carson discussed how God called him to run for president:

Unusually, there were a large number of Asians in the audience. One of my Facebook friends theorized that Carson’s mellow style might be particularly appealing to Korean and Chinese evangelicals.

After the Carson event concluded, I kept heading north on I-35 to Ames, where Bernie Sanders was due to speak. In a move that I was grateful for, the Sanders campaign seated me almost immediately and didn’t force anyone to wait out in the cold. Roughly 2,500 college students packed the auditorium, and their dedicated to remaining Bern victims rivals the loyalty Donald Trump inspires in his supporters. Check out Sanders’ speech below:

As moronic as I believe Sanders’ platform is, I came away with a weird sympathy for his fans. I elaborate in my wrap-up video below:

You can also check out my written account of the Sanders rally here.

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  • FlorianUlrich

    Bernwart is actually a first name in German.

  • evilwhitemalempire

    The difference between the Sanders crowd and the Hillary crowd reflects the difference between the socialist wing and the feminist wing of the liberal stack.

  • FlorianUlrich

    I remember in 2008, Obama spoke to the College demographic, and no GOP aparatchik would have had any chance. Clinton came close to defeating Obama in the primaries, but she was too much establishment to have enough appeal to overcome his savviness in the caucuses. If Sanders is similar to Obama, then only Trump can beat him. He appeals to the same demographics as Clinton was, but does a better job as far as I can see – and does not have the baggage of being GOP establishment.

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