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Narcissism, “Rape Culture” and Why Millennial Girls Are Monsters

“Don’t teach women to do x, teach men not to do y.”

That’s one of the refrains of the modern woman. Whenever something bad happens to a girl and anyone suggests how a change in her behavior might have helped her avoid misfortune, the victim lobby starts up their unison chant. Girl gets raped? “Don’t teach women to avoid rape, teach men to not rape women.” Nudes leaked onto the Internet because you idiotically trusted Apple’s cloud computing“Don’t teach women to not take nude selfies, teach men not to hack womens’ phones.” Got hit by a car because you were too busy reading your Instagram comments? “Don’t teach women to look both ways before crossing the street, teach men not to run over women.”

Basically, suggesting that women do anything to protect themselves in a cruel, hostile world makes you an evil misogynist.

I used to think that this was just a natural outgrowth of the left’s utopianism. One of the defining aspects of left-wing ideology is the belief that the evils of the world—war, poverty, animal abuse—can be eliminated entirely. This stems from their blank slate fundamentalism, their view that all humans are equal and all behavior is socially created and constructed. According to feminists, if men rape, it’s not because of some rare, inborn character defect that would be impossible to eradicate from the population, but because a nebulous “rape culture” somehow convinced him that having sex with women without their consent was okay. From this standpoint, the whole logic of “don’t teach women to do x, teach men not to do y” actually makes sense.

I still believe this mentality plays a role, but I think there’s also a darker element at play. While the idea that it’s men’s collective responsibility to not rape women or foster “rape culture” has been popular for some time, the repulsion that women have to doing anything to safeguard themselves has intensified in the past couple of years. As recently as 2009 or 2010, most feminists would concede that yes, it’s a good idea for girls to take steps to ensure their well-being. Nowadays, even hinting that women bear individual responsibility for their lives is enough to get you sent to the virtual stockade.

In the past couple of years, something has changed.

I first started thinking about this when feminists started Tweeting insulting comments at me and sending me rude emails and Facebook messages. I very rarely engage with my haters on social media, mainly because there are better uses of my time. Instead, I will re-Tweet and Favorite abusive comments hurled at me on Twitter. Whenever I do this, feminists go absolutely bonkers:




I’m not the only one who’s witnessed this: one feminist once wrote about how she spent twenty minutes crying because Hugo Schwyzer Favorited one of her Tweets. He didn’t insult her, humiliate her, try to hurt her: all he did was hit the Favorite button. Keep in mind that no one forced these girls to Tweet at me, yet when I respond (in a limited way) to their threats and insults, they do the modern equivalent of a Victorian lady fainting on the couch. What’s going on here?

Answer: narcissism.

I’ve written extensively about the narcissism of young women in the West and of leftists in particular, and this is yet another dimension of it, married with poor socialization. Narcissists live to control and manipulate other people, which requires them to be able to predict how those around them behave. When people act in ways that defy a narcissist’s expectations, they are unable to keep their composure and often break down mentally. This is part of the reason why “amygdala hijacks” are so effective when it comes to bringing narcissists under control.

Narcissistic young women expect that men will behave in ways that are convenient for them, whether it’s not trying to “rape” them (in a world where “rape” now means everything from forcible penetration to making her uncomfortable), fitting into a pre-determined relationship script, or shirking from “misogynistic” opinions and running away. When reality fails to conform to their desires, they can’t handle it. They literally cannot understand that other people (and men specifically) are autonomous beings and not meat puppets that dance in the exact way they want.

The source of this dysfunction? The sheltered upbringings that millennials had.

Pediatricians typically advise young parents not to immediately answer their babies when they start crying for something as a means of helping the child’s mental development. When babies are born, they are self-absorbed and solipsistic, unable to comprehend the world beyond their own needs and wants. By delaying when it comes to responding to the baby’s crying, the child learns that the world does not revolve around them, a crucial step in self-actualization.

Millennial women are monsters precisely because their parents denied them this treatment.

The cloistered, sheltered fashion in which millennials were raised, from helicopter parenting to “don’t talk to strangers” to parents freaking accompanying their adult children to job interviews, robbed young women of the opportunity to grow up. Failure and pain are the only ways to develop empathy; it’s only when you’ve fucked up that you learn that other people around you have feelings and wants, and that you can’t just trample all over them to get what you want. But because women these days are coddled by both their parents and society in general, constantly rescued from the consequences of their actions, they never learn to understand the humanity of other people. To them, men are just tools to make their lives more convenient.

The accession of millennials into the already female-centric mainstream culture has brought with it the personality defects of their women.

To the narcissistic woman, asking her to take personal responsibility is the worst insult you can hurl at her. Why should she have to worry about her own safety? After all, rape is wrong, therefore men should not engage in it. The idea that there’s a whole universe out there that isn’t at her beck and call—that doesn’t care whether she lives or dies—simply does not compute. You might as well be speaking Mandarin to a starving African peasant.

And yes, this is monstrous behavior. It’s difficult for men to accept, but the vast majority of the women you are dealing with are hollow girls. Empty shells. Vacuous entities with a gaping hole where their souls are supposed to be. To these women, you will never be—can never be—anything more than an accessory, a clown, a thing to amuse her. And while you do your little clown dance, she demands that the rules of the world be rewritten to suit her, something that not even the most powerful men on the planet have the power to do.

Don’t teach women to do anything, teach men to not do anything other than what women want.

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