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How I Nearly Got Killed by #BlackLivesMatter Chicago


For the past couple of days, I’ve been covering the spate of #BlackLivesMatter protests in downtown Chicago. After the release of a video of Laquan McDonald—a thug who was menacing cops with a knife while tweaked out of his gills on PCP—being shot by a Chicago cop, Chiraq has been in a state of low-level anarchy.

Last night, I covered the initial protests in a live YouTube stream:

Midway through the stream, I decided to head down to a #BlackLivesMatter march that was starting at 9pm at the corner of Harrison and State, in Chicago’s Loop. I had originally intended to film as much of the march as I could, but my phone’s battery died not long after I started. All I was able to get was this clip of the protesters starting the march by blocking traffic at an intersection, which I originally streamed to my Twitter account via Periscope:

I stuck it out with the march as long as I could, but I had to flee an hour-and-a-half in because my life was in danger. No, I’m not exaggerating. I run down what happened at the march in this video:

I’ll be writing more about the #BlackLivesMatter protests soon, but for now, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. Also follow me on Twitter, as it’s where I’ll be uploading live coverage of any further protests I attend.

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  • Patrick Bateman

    What a joke!

    Thanks for reporting on this.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Glad you made it out safely.

    At the end of the day, they want to kill us.

    Remember that, and proceed accordingly.

  • STL Photographer

    You guys in Chicago are just now starting to experience what happened to us in Ferguson. I live in the Ferguson area and am a photojournalist. I experienced much of the same thing you did. The best advice I could give to any white independent journalist is to avoid these because they’re getting worse. White protesters, people who are on the BLM side got beat up in Ferguson. The police don’t have time to worry about anyone (like you or me) during one of these things. You’re out there by choice and the cops are worried about themselves.

    In Ferguson I was threatened on several occasions, had my car broken into and was prevented from getting to my car at one point. And the thing is this was happening in my neighborhood. I wasn’t some outsider. As a freelancer if anything happens to me, it’s my expense. If I get arrested, get hurt, have my property damaged, I have to pay for it, not some large media company. It’s not worth it to photograph these idiots.

  • These are dangerous times. Just as in the days of Old West, a prudent
    Anglo will always remain armed in areas of tribal unrest.

  • Jim Christian

    Chicago is soon to go the way of Detroit. Plenty of farmland waiting to be turned into suburbs for the great companies of Chicago to move to. We just can’t have big cities anymore, the Blacks make the situation untenable. Once the city flips to Black majority and the Whites are disenfranchised leave and take their business with them, there will be Detroit. A hollowed-out shell of empty towers, failing infrastructure, crime and decay. Won’t be long. Even UofC, they’ve already closed the trauma center, they’re making plans to move departments out of the Southside campuses. It’s over for Chit-Cago.

  • Don Dressel

    Maybe if blacks would stop pointing guns at cops and robbing people they wouldn’t get shot at by the cops!