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How I Nearly Got Killed by #BlackLivesMatter Chicago

For the past couple of days, I’ve been covering the spate of #BlackLivesMatter protests in downtown Chicago. After the release of a video of Laquan McDonald—a thug who was menacing cops with a knife while tweaked out of his gills on PCP—being shot by a Chicago cop, Chiraq has been in a state of low-level anarchy.

Last night, I covered the initial protests in a live YouTube stream:

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Midway through the stream, I decided to head down to a #BlackLivesMatter march that was starting at 9pm at the corner of Harrison and State, in Chicago’s Loop. I had originally intended to film as much of the march as I could, but my phone’s battery died not long after I started. All I was able to get was this clip of the protesters starting the march by blocking traffic at an intersection, which I originally streamed to my Twitter account via Periscope:

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I stuck it out with the march as long as I could, but I had to flee an hour-and-a-half in because my life was in danger. No, I’m not exaggerating. I run down what happened at the march in this video:

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I’ll be writing more about the #BlackLivesMatter protests soon, but for now, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. Also follow me on Twitter, as it’s where I’ll be uploading live coverage of any further protests I attend.

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