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I Need Your Help to Cover the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

UPDATE: As of Thursday, July 14th, I’ve made my fundraising goal. Thanks to everyone who donated. If you still want to help me out, you’re welcome to do so.

With the primaries effectively wrapped up, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions are next on the agenda. While the threat of Cruz cultists instigating a floor fight at the RNC to keep Trump from getting the nomination has receded, the left is no doubt planning to disrupt the convention. Going by their violent attacks at Trump rallies in Chicago and San Jose (and the police and government refusing to stop them), it’s all but guaranteed that they’ll be pulling an even bigger stunt at the convention.

On the Democratic side, despite lagging in the delegate count, Bernie Sanders has pledged to take his revolution all the way to the convention. His supporters, who regard Hillary Clinton as a crypto-Republican and the electoral process as crooked, are going to be along for the ride. Philly ’16 is going to be like Chicago ’68.

As I mentioned already, I’m hoping to get out to Cleveland and Philadelphia to cover both the Republican and Democratic conventions, respectively. My coverage will be the same as what I did in the primary race: record video, get interviews, and write articles at my blog, Right On, Return of Kings and possibly other sites. (See these links for archives of my work in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York and Indiana.)

Because of this, I’m now fundraising to cover the RNC and DNC.

While my California primary fundraiser was a bust, my relative proximity to Cleveland and Philadelphia—the former is an eight-hour drive from Chicago, the latter a seven-hour drive from Cleveland, and the DNC is taking place immediately after the RNC, so I can head to both on the same trip—means my operating costs will be lower. However, the price of hotel rooms and Airbnb rentals in both cities has been jacked up, and gas will be more expensive as well.

Because of this, I’ve estimated a budget of $2,000 $2,500 (UPDATE: see here for an explanation of the increased budget) for the entire trip. This will cover accommodation, transportation (a car rental and gas, plus rail fare in both cities), food, and other miscellaneous costs. I’m already part of the way there: with the permission of those who donated to my aborted California trip, I’ve applied their donations to this trip.

The conventions are a month away—the RNC is July 18-21, while the DNC is July 25-28—so I have plenty of time to prepare: however, I need to make my goal by Friday, July 8 in order to adequately cover both events. Per usual, if I can’t make the goal/do the trip, I will refund all donors on request and repurpose donations for future projects with permission.

While I’ve been taking a break from the campaign trail for the past month, I’ve been keeping busy with other journalistic projects. Just in the past few weeks, I’ve covered the American Renaissance conference, reported on how leftist thugs shut down Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech at DePaul University (and unmasked one SJW who attacked me), exposed DePaul’s Islamic chaplain as an ISIS sympathizer with connections to Muslim terrorists, and revealed how Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks have been scamming their fans.

Countless people have benefited from my work, but I can’t do it for free. If you’ve gotten value out of my reports on the presidential election, DePaul, The Young Turks or anything else, I’m asking you to help make more of them possible by donating. Even if it’s just a dollar or two, every penny is needed and goes towards enabling me to do the kinds of projects that only MSM shills can ordinarily afford.

You can contribute in the following ways…

All public donation links are currently suspended. Please email me here if you are interested in donating.

I greatly appreciate any and all help you can provide, and I truly appreciate those who’ve donated to my campaigns in the past. You are the people who make my work possible, and I hope to keep doing it for a long time to come.