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I Need Your Help to Cover the Indiana Presidential Primary, the Republican National Convention, and More

With four successful presidential campaign tours under my belt—Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and New York—the candidates are coming to yet another Midwestern state: Indiana. Having been pummeled in the Empire State and facing all but certain annihilation in next week’s Mid-Atlantic primaries, Ted Cruz is making another suicide stand in the Hoosier State in two weeks, hoping to replicate his Wisconsin win. Not only that, with only a handful of primaries left—after Indiana, just nine more states—both the Democratic and Republican candidates are scrambling to grab as many delegates as they can.

With that in mind, I’m now fundraising to cover not just the Indiana primary, but the remainder of the presidential campaign in general.

This has been a long time coming, but I’m expanding my journalistic operations. In addition to the Indiana primary, I’m also fundraising to cover the following events next month:

  • Washington/Oregon presidential primaries (May 17/24): Cruz will likely be looking for more wins here in order to slow Trump’s ascent, and Sanders will be looking for a win in the Oregon primary.
  • 2016 American Renaissance Conference (May 20-22): I attended last year’s AmRen (and I’ve also been to NPI’s two most recent conferences) and want to go again so I can see what happens myself.
  • California presidential primary (June 7): California is the last major state to vote in the primaries, and by far the most significant race happening in May or June.
  • Republican National Convention in Cleveland (July 18-21): I want to be on the ground at the RNC both to document what happens and to help prevent the GOP establishment from taking the nomination away from Trump.
  • Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (July 25-28): Like with the RNC, I want to be on the ground at the DNC, particularly if the war between Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ supporters heats up.

Additionally, if I can get the funds and time, I’d like to cover these primaries as well:

  • West Virginia presidential primary (May 10): West Virginia and Nebraska vote after Indiana.
  • Montana/New Mexico/South Dakota presidential primaries (June 7): If I can cover California, I can possibly swing through one or more of these states on the way.

I’m planning to do in Indiana (and elsewhere) what I’ve done already: head out to campaign events and publish videos and dispatches at Right On, Return of Kings and my own blog.

I’ve estimated a budget of $1,000 for the Indiana primary, and I’ve added a fundraising thermometer to the sidebar so I can keep you updated on my progress. This will cover:

  • Transportation: car rentals, gas, train fare, taxis etc.
  • Accommodation: motel rooms, Airbnb rentals etc.
  • Food and miscellaneous costs
  • Equipment purchases: I need to purchase a new computer soon, because my current one has been dying for the past few months. I also need to purchase a new flash card for my phone (so I can record video) and get additional flash drives so I can store the video/audio I already have.

I need to make my goal by Thursday, April 28 in order to cover Indiana. If I can’t make my goal in time, I’ll launch the next fundraiser (for West Virginia and/or Washington/Oregon) and repurpose any donations acquired for that one.

The only way to fight the lies of cultural Marxists and the mainstream media is to support independent journalism. Freelance reporters such as Charles Johnson, Mike Cernovich and Ricky Vaughn have played an integral role in getting the truth out, from exposing Michelle Fields’ false accusations against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to getting the word out about Muslim refugees raping white women in Europe. Were it not for these journalists and others, the media would be able to lie with impunity.

Thing is, this kind of reporting costs money. I don’t have a trust fund or wealthy corporate backers: all of my income comes from my blog and books. While I’m 100 percent free to speak the truth and don’t need to censor myself, I’m also limited in where I can get funding for my ventures. I’d rather directly ask my readers for money—and thus retain my independence—instead of having to compromise my views and vision by working for someone else.

To put it simply, I can’t afford to work for free. My articles, podcasts and videos reach hundreds of thousands of people each month. If just three percent of you—about 3,000 people—contributed a dollar each, I’d be able to fund all the ventures listed above and more.

If you get value out of my reporting, I’m asking you to help me keep doing it. Even if you can only contribute a dollar, every cent is needed, appreciated and goes towards helping me uncover the truth.

You can contribute in the following ways…

All public donation links are currently suspended. Please email me here if you are interested in donating.

I greatly appreciate any and all help you can provide, and I’m grateful to those who’ve donated to my campaigns in the past. Without you, I literally wouldn’t be able to do this.

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