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I Need Your Help to Go to Iowa to Cover the Presidential Caucuses

UPDATE: As of Monday, January 18th, I’ve made my fundraising goal. Thanks to everyone who donated. If you still want to help me out, you’re welcome to do so.

The results from last week’s polls are in: you guys want me to go to Iowa at the end of the month to report on the presidential caucuses. A lot of you have also offered to help me out with the cost of doing so. It’s time for the alt-right/manosphere to start providing independent coverage of major news events, and I’m volunteering to do my part.

As a result, I’m officially opening up a fundraiser for my Iowa trip.

My plan is to spend eight days in Iowa—January 25 to February 2—following the candidates around, attending rallies and campaign events, interviewing ordinary Iowans and any other high-profile guests I can meet, and covering the caucuses themselves on February 1. I’ll be providing daily articles both on my blog and at Return of Kings, live streaming video via Ustream, Periscope and YouTube, and possibly recording a podcast or two while I’m on the road.

I’ve estimated the budget I need at $1,000. This will cover my expenses: car rental, gas, food, and accommodation, as well as various miscellaneous items. I’ve added a fundraising thermometer to the sidebar so I can keep you updated on my progress.

Because I need to start planning for my trip soon, my fundraiser will end on Tuesday, January 19th at midnight CST (1am EST/10pm PST). If I haven’t met my goal by then, I not only won’t be going to Iowa, I will be refunding all my donors.

All public donation links are currently suspended. Please email me here if you are interested in donating.

I truly appreciate any and all help you can provide. 2016 is the year that the alt-right and the manosphere will rock the world, and I plan on being part of it.

Watch the companion video to this post below:

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  • bill

    Just sent you a donation
    TRUMP. 2016

  • Karl Ushanka

    We need Matt in Iowa. I don’t trust anyone else to tell me what is really going on there.

  • Thanks, man.

  • bill

    You are welcome.
    That was a gift keep it. DEAR IRS I gave Matt a birthday gift
    I would have put it in his card but you can’t trust the government mail.
    Matt is not some plate to spin,
    It is OK to spend some money on him Lol

  • Donated. Go get ’em, man.

  • Manuel

    Great idea. Hope you make your goal!

  • I will kick in another donation tomorrow. I’d really like to see your coverage of the Caucus. What’s your plan for keeping us updated while you are there?

  • I’m going to be posting on Twitter, Ustream, Periscope, YouTube, my own blog, Return of Kings, and Right On.