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I Need Your Help to Cover the Wisconsin and New York Presidential Primaries

Next week, Wisconsin will hold its presidential primary, and in three weeks, my home state of New York will hold theirs. The cuckservatives and GOP establishment have declared the Badger State to be their last stand, with Ted Cruz and John Kasich pulling out all the stops to either beat Donald Trump or chip away at his delegates. Not only that, both House Speaker Paul Ryan and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus—avowed enemies of Trump—are from Wisconsin, increasing the likelihood of anti-Trump shenanigans. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders needs a win in the state to shore up his flagging delegate numbers.

In other words, Wisconsin is a major battleground for both parties’ nominations. New York will be as well, due to the huge number of delegates it awards, as well as proportional delegate allocation on the Democrats’ side. Since Wisconsin is just north of Illinois—and since I know both that state and New York intimately—I’m uniquely positioned to cover both elections.

Because of this, I’m starting a fundraiser to cover both primaries in the same way I covered the Illinois primary and the Iowa caucuses.

My plan is to spend as much of the next week in Wisconsin as possible, hitting up important campaign events and publishing videos and dispatches for Right On, Return of Kings and my own blog. While I can do some limited coverage of events in southeast Wisconsin thanks to train connections from Chicago, I absolutely will need a car to cover events in the rest of the state. I plan to head to New York after the Wisconsin primary is done and cover important campaign events there.

I’ve estimated a budget of $2,000 for both primaries, and I’ve added a fundraising thermometer to the sidebar so I can keep you updated on my progress. This will cover:

  • Transportation: airfare, car rental, gas, train fare, subway fare, taxis
  • Accommodation: motel rooms, Airbnb rentals etc.
  • Food and miscellaneous costs

Additionally, my computer has been dying ever since the Iowa trip: the hard drive is glitchy, I get blue screens of death when I plug my microphone in half the time (one of which ruined the podcast I was going to do last week), and I’ve had to buy a USB WiFi adapter after the built-in one stopped working. I have a backup laptop, but it’s so old and slow that all I can do with it is write blog posts: the last time I tried to do a Sunday Night Live show with it, it was a technical nightmare.

A new computer with the capabilities I need will run $500-600 at the bare minimum. While I’m hoping to replace my laptop sometime soon, I can do it faster with your help.

Because I need to start planning for these trips soon, my fundraiser will end in two stages. I need to receive at least $750 by Friday, April 1 in order to adequately cover the Wisconsin primary, and I need to receive my full goal of $2,000 by Friday, April 8 midnight CST (1am EST/10pm PST) in order to cover New York. If I can’t use donated funds to cover either primary or for related equipment purchases, I will refund donors individually.

If you’ve enjoyed my political reporting in the past, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could support me.

While I can live a comfortable, minimalist lifestyle off of my blog, news coverage costs money, and news coverage that requires me to go to another state costs even more money. Every website in this corner of the Internet, from Return of Kings to Radix to Right On, operates on a shoestring budget. Nobody is getting rich off of this; far from it. In fact, I actually lost a source of income during the Iowa trip, when a leftist got my Amazon Associates account banned.

I have a proven track record of getting results and producing quality content, as anyone who’s seen my Iowa and Illinois dispatches can attest to. My books sell well and are highly regarded. I don’t bombard you with stupid advertisements and pop-ups. What few ads I have come from vendors I trust, and while I do have a mailing list, I’m not obnoxious about it. I’ll never beg you to “turn off that pesky AdBlock” so I can make a couple extra cents from crappy Google ads.

But independent journalism comes with a price tag.

My blog gets 90,000-100,000 unique visitors a month. If just two percent of you gave me a dollar each, I’d be able to hit the road tomorrow morning. Not everyone can donate, and that’s perfectly fine.

But simply put, this is a fight we need to win, and I need your help to do it. If you get value out of my reports on the presidential election, I’m asking you to chip in so I can keep them coming.

All public donation links are currently suspended. Please email me here if you are interested in donating.

I will be setting up Bitcoin donations soon, but it’ll take some time for me to figure the system out.

I greatly appreciate any and all help you can provide, and I’m grateful to those who’ve donated to my campaigns in the past. Without you, I literally wouldn’t be able to do this.