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Why You Need to Increase Your Testosterone

We’re in the middle of a masculinity crisis right now. If you’re a man reading this, you likely have less testosterone on average than your father, and he has less testosterone than his father. America is becoming a nation of chemically castrated androgynes, bitch-titted office slaves satisfied with once-a-month sex from their lantern-jawed bitch wives. Male fertility has fallen off a cliff, girls are entering puberty barely out of kindergarten, everyone’s hormonal profile is broken.

What gives?

There’s a fair amount of blame to be thrown at our industrialized, consumerist lifestyles. The water supply in most populated areas abounds with estrogenizing chemicals. Women are pissing out so many antidepressants and birth control chemicals into the water that fish are mutating into creatures from the Black Lagoon. These chemicals are so prevalent in the West that they’re actually starting to affect sex ratios. For example, Sarnia, Ontario has so many toxic estrogens in the water that 70 percent of the babies born there are girls.

But it’s more than that: the very structure of American society precludes masculinity. Yes, we all know that the media, the government, and the left work to turn men into good little gender-neutral carrots, but it goes beyond this. Even if all the anti-masculine TV shows, commercials and propaganda were flushed down the toilet today, we’d still have a nation sustained primarily by women’s work: paper pushing, retail, secretarial jobs and so on. Gone are the days where a man could sustain himself through honest labor and skill; the new economy rewards cattiness, bullshitting, and political correctness, all inherently feminine attributes.

And if you work too long at a bitch’s job, you’ll start becoming one.

The best part of all this? The substances men need to increase their testosterone levels are either illegal or require a prescription, and good luck getting the latter. Steroids and human growth hormone are Schedule III controlled substances in the U.S. despite the fact that they’ve been proven to be effective at enhancing physical fitness with few side effects (and the fact that virtually all professional athletes and bodybuilders use them). The only way you’ll be able to wheedle steroids out of a doctor is by having some severe deformity like hypogonadism. You’d have an easier time securing the hormones necessary for a sex change.

Just think about that: it’s legal in the U.S. to get your dick chopped off and get estrogen injections so you can become a ridiculous facsimile of a woman, but it’s illegal to take drugs that make you more of a man.

Spare me your 70’s era crap about “testosterone poisoning.” Everything you know about masculinity is wrong. Studies have shown that elevated testosterone levels make men fairer, calmer and more pleasant to be around. Irascibility and combativeness are caused by estrogen, not testosterone. The Hollywood stereotype of masculine men being bossy, obnoxious and constantly in-your-face is a fabrication by feminists and homos. Men with proper amounts of testosterone don’t act like habitues at a gay bar getting into slapfights over who gets to rip the twink a new asshole.

While it’s possible to increase your testosterone naturally somewhat (through exercise and nutritional supplements), a crisis like the one we’re going through now require stronger solutions.

If you’re looking for a shot in the arm to increase your testosterone, I recommend Andro-Plus. It’s a reasonably priced over-the-counter topical cream that improves your testosterone levels with minimal side effects at best. Increased testosterone carries with it a whole host of positive physical benefits, from enhancing your weight loss, improving your musculature (if you lift), and supercharging your libido. My friend Bechtloff mentioned to me that using Andro-Plus allowed him to lose eight pounds all on its own.

But the most important aspect of Andro-Plus, in my opinion, are its psychological benefits.

When I first tried Andro-Plus, I could literally feel it taking effect when I applied it to my skin. It was like my brain had been submerged in a deep fog before and the increased testosterone swept it away. I felt more motivated, more determined to complete my goals. Not only that, I was filled with energy and was able to devote more time to lifting and exercising. My weight loss doubled from what it was in the previous week. I’m no expert on testosterone, but I know what works.

This is why you should check out Andro-Plus: it’s the easiest, safest way to get back what is rightfully yours. Testosterone is the very element that makes men men. Anyone who doesn’t have it might as well be a gelding. Andro-Plus is a proven and safe way to reclaim your masculinity and something that all men need to buy.

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