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Why You Need to Take Vitamin D and Vitamin K2

While most people recognize that they need Vitamin D, they typically stick to the cheap brands available from their local supermarkets. It’s yet another type of supplement where relying on store brands can do more harm than good.

Like with fish oil, you need to spend money if you want results.

The problem with taking Vitamin D on its own is that without Vitamin K2, D will calcify your arteries, causing atherosclerosis and speeding up your aging. Vitamins D and K2 are symbiotic: in order to get the maximum benefit out of one, you need to use the other.

While grass-fed butter is a good source of Vitamin K2, the best solution is to use a variety of Vitamin D that includes K2. The store-brand softgels not only don’t have it, they don’t provide enough IUs (international units) of D for optimal health. The solution is a high-potency product such as Thorne Research’s Vitamin D/K2 blend. I’ve been using Thorne Research’s blend for a few months now and it’s had absolutely fantastic results.

Vitamin D for the Rest of Us

Thorne Research’s product is a world apart from the economy grocery store brands that barely work. It comes in a tincture form, as opposed to softgels, and the recommended daily dosage is much higher: 4,000 IU, as opposed to the standard 1,000 IU for most softgels. Given that 2,000 IU is the minimum amount of Vitamin D that most people need, does doubling that make a difference? The answer is fuck yes.

When I first began taking Thorne Research’s product, I noticed an immediate improvement in my mood and energy. While softgel Vitamin D provided a small boost in my overall energy, Thorne Research’s blend was like getting a temporary personality transplant. I felt way less lethargic and sunnier, and in conjunction with phenibut and kratom, I was also considerably more social.

The only real downside I can see to Thorne Research’s Vitamin D is the price: at just shy of $25, the cost might deter some shoppers. But given that one small bottle will last over a year (since you only take four drops per day), it’s still an incredible value.

Overall, I’d recommend Thorne Research’s Vitamin D to anyone who’s looking to enhance their overall happiness. Store-brand softgels are better than nothing, but if you want to go to the next level, Thorne Research is the way to go.

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