Matt Forney
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New Article at Freedom Twenty-Five: “Saving Women from Themselves”


Frost has published an article of mine on why the manosphere, far from being “misogynistic,” truly loves women:

Most peoples’ conception of love is this sort of nicey-nice, Sesame Street-type saccharinity in which you never say anything bad about the object of your affection and accept them for who they are. But is this really love? If your best friend is, say, an alcoholic or a heroin addict or a compulsive gambler or about to do something really stupid, you’re going to want to stop them. If you intervene to save your friend, you’re going to have to condemn their behavior, probably hurting their feelings and making them angry in the process. But you’re doing so with the aim of saving them from destroying themselves. If you just stand idly by and watch your friend drink himself into an early death or gamble himself into the gutter, are you really his friend?

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