Matt Forney
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New Article at Reaxxion:Age of Wonders III is a Wonderfully Addictive Strategy Game That Misses the Mark”


I make a fair and balanced assessment of Age of Wonders III in this week’s Reaxxion column:

Triumph was also able to avoid some of the dumber design decisions in Civilization V. For one, you can actually stack units. No more building huge armies, then laboriously shuffling them across the map one unit at a time. Additionally, the AI in Age of Wonders III is challenging to play against. You won’t have AI empires declaring war on you, then waving the white flag ten turns later without so much as getting one trebuchet into your territory. For example, in one game I played, I encountered an enemy elf empire who immediately declared war on me, sensing my weaker military, then seized one of my frontier cities three turns later.

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