Matt Forney
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New Article at Reaxxion: “The RTS Future That Never Was: Looking Back at Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising


I write up a retrospective on this forgotten PC game over at Reaxxion:

The Soulcatcher system is one of Hostile Waters’ most remarkable innovations. In contrast to typical RTS games where you can churn out an unlimited number of faceless soldiers, Hostile Waters deliberately restricts the number of AI-controlled units you can have at any given time (you start the game with two Soulcatcher chips and eventually gain a maximum of ten). Not only does this force you to use your units wisely, it also allows the developers to program each chip’s AI with a unique personality. Each of your soldiers has a different specialty—Ransom is a pilot, Patton is a tank driver, Madsen is a sniper etc.—and using their talents effectively is the key to winning each mission.

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